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Bruce Jenner Sex Change Defies Logic

Updated on September 29, 2015

Where oh Where did Olympic Bruce Go?

There is a soon to be an interview between US Weekly magazine and Bruce Jenner and I couldn't be more disheartened. It will be a major reveal on Jenner's plans to live as a woman. I do not know if he will talk about the alleged sex change operation he is said to be considering. Just the fact that Bruce Jenner and him wanting to become a woman is mind boggling to me.

He has actually undergone a surgical procedure in 2014 when he had his Adam’s apple shaved down. Reportedly, US Weekly will quote sources that will say Jenner has already gone to doctors and started plastic surgery. If that is true, looks like the fun of his changing looks has begun. This is so ludicrous to me because I remember I was a graduating senior in high-school in 1971 and followed with great interest the 1972 Olympics. That's when Bruce Jenner first competed in the Olympics, finishing in 10th place. I became a bigger fan of his when he won the gold medal in 1976. He even set a worlds record for total points in the decathlon event. I do not understand why that 1970s Bruce has gone down a new path.

A Look at His/Her? Past

For starters, a recent photo(1/27/15), shows him sitting in his car with definitely noticeable fuller lips. Hmmm. Then, this 65 year old person was seen back on 1/9/15 in Malibu California putting gas in his car; AND he had extremely long hair, longer than before plus wore diamond stud earrings. Just a couple of days ago on 1/28/15, TMZ television has said they will air Bruce talking extensively about why he wanted to make this change and will be all have reactions from his family. Wow, I wonder why television had any interest in this story.

(click column header to sort results)
Where it Happened  
Year it Happened  
What it Was  
Notable Comment  
Mount Kisco, New York
Born October, 28th
Suffered from dyslexia
Mt. Kisco a village 18 miles north of White Plains New York
Graceland College, Iowa
Football Scholarship
Suffered knee injury after 2 games
Switched to track and field after injury
U.S. Olympic Trials
Decathlon Event
Finished 3rd Place
Subsequent 10th Place result @ 1972 Olympics
Montreal Summer Olympics
Set World Record @ 8,616 pts.
Won Gold Medal
Received James E. Sullivan Award as top amateur athlete
Cast member on police show, CHiPS
TV Name was Officer Steve McLeish
On show due to Erik Estrada contract battle
Married to Kris Kardashian
Only dated for 5 months
Had 2 children, daughters Kendall & Kyle
Split from Kris Jenner
Taking steps to live as a woman
Many feminine look changes started

In My Opinion

At the risk of being accused of being judgmental, I abhor the very thought of what he has done thus far AND what he is planning to do. It is not a logical nor an ordinary thing to do. It doesn't give me the right to say he is wrong, but I can say that what he is doing is appalling to me. I believe God created man in His Image and God does not make mistakes. Does Jenner actually think he knows better than God?

There are many unknowns in this world, and this is just one more. But this is not like wondering what came first, the chicken or the egg. This is truly a complex issue. Could it be that Jenner has a condition medically known as Autogynephilia?( defined as a theory where men wanting to become a woman and who are also attracted to men actually have a sexual fetish for viewing themselves as females). By definition and in strictly physical terms, it is impossible for a male to actually become a female. So odds are that Jenner merely yearns for the cliché female characteristics.

As for me, I am an old fashioned, traditionalist kind of guy. A step on the wild side for me is sneaking in a swipe of my wife's Suave under-arm deodorant if I ran out of my Mennen, Brut or Old Spice deodorants . I'm joking but I just was just tying to relate to wanting to "live as a woman". Plus, I have used an old mascara pencil to temporarily darken my graying mustache.

Remember back in the day when New York Jets quarterback Joe Namath made a big splash when he wore pantyhose? At least Joe Namath only wore pantyhose because he got paid a good sum of money to do it in a commercial. As for what he did in his own personal life, "Broadway Joe" enjoyed life as a man and somehow lived to tell about it.

How do you feel about Bruce Jenner and his transformation?

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    • izettl profile image

      Laura Izett 2 years ago from The Great Northwest

      Now that we know Bruce is transitioning, of course it isn't logical. He also announced he believes in God and this is just something that God gave him to struggle with. We all have struggles.

      My dad is a transgender woman and changed at age 55. Even he/she does not think it's logical. People have impulses to do things and the brain is complex. It wouldn't be logical to overeat knowing many death related diseases (diabetes, heart disease, etc) could occur BUT many people are joining the obese club more and more each day. They all know it's not good for them BUT they do it anyway. I don't think logic isn't at play here. I just wrote a hub about this as I have a background in psychology and lived through this with my own dad.

    • Joe Andover profile image

      Ken Ratajczak 3 years ago from North Ridgeville, Ohio

      &MarleneB LOL Suave is what my wife uses, but I really didn't 'borrow' it. She would kill me. That's why I always keep a secret stash of Brut for Men underarm deodorant hidden with my supply of Marlboro and Brawny paper towels. :)

    • MarleneB profile image

      Marlene Bertrand 3 years ago from USA

      It's all rumor, of course. None of us can really say for sure. And, Bruce hasn't come out publicly to say anything one way or another. I guess there is no rule that says he has to. Anyway, I feel like this - if you are born a man, be a man. If you are born a woman, be a woman. By the way, how did you like the Suave Underarm Deodorant? (smiley face)