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Bruce Willis is in shitty movies - Just because of his greed?

Updated on April 29, 2016
robredman profile image

I am a software engineer working full time and following bachelor degree in software engineering. Love movies, traveling and food.

Bruce Willis is one of my favorite stars.

I watched his movies because of his name and the action contained in the films, the same reasons why I watched Sylvester Stallone movies.

Bruce had his strong ratings in the 90s and at the beginning of 2000 he was also doing well.

Some of his movies until 2010 also were good. But can we enjoy the Bruce Willis we love in movies like Sin City, Surrogates and Red which were released after 2000?

Actually, he started to lose his appeal after 2000.

He just was not an action packed hero any longer. He had humorless roles and was good providing his voice for animation roles.

But look at his movies nowadays. What happened to him after 2010?

Bruce is accepting low budget movies and losing his identity.

It seems that he only shows his face at the start of the movie then disappears, only to show up again during the climax.

When I go to his movies after 2010, I do not see the Bruce I am used to seeing.

His role of John McClane for Die Hard was well known and gave him a good name and identity but what happened to that in 2013?

I wanted to yell at him in the theater when I was watching A Good Day to Die Hard – it was so bad!

Why he is starring in such movies?

Sylvester Stallone mentioned a few years ago why he no longer has a role in The Expendables series. It was because of his huge demand for money.

When we see Bruce's recent movies like Extraction we can say that, "Yeah, he must be in need of money; that's why he is appearing in such a low budget film and 80's type of action movie."

What the hell, Bruce?

Remember Sylvester Stallone once tweeted, "GREEDY AND LAZY - A SURE FORMULA FOR CAREER FAILURE.", about his disappearance in The Expendables?

Stallone's prediction is true now. Bruce damaged his career reputation just because of his greed, I guess.

I hope, at the least, that Bruce will appear again like the old bad-ass Bruce in the upcoming Die Hard.

Please come back, Bruce. Throw away your greed!

Bruce Willis' upcoming movies

Movie Title
The Bombing
Going Under
Death Wish
Untitled Die Hard Project

What do you think people?

Why is Bruce Willis starring in low budget and shitty movies nowadays?

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What do you think people? Your comments below, as always, are really appreciated.

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