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Bruno Mars: The Next Michael Jackson?

Updated on September 2, 2020
JoshuaWright02 profile image

Joshua is a music enthusiast who deeply admires Freddy Mercury's contribution to the world of music.

Bruno's dynamite performances rival that of the King himself
Bruno's dynamite performances rival that of the King himself

Who is Bruno Mars?

Bruno Mars is an American music artist who dabbles in many different genres of music such as reggae, rock, R&B, pop, and hip hop. He is renowned for his electric stage performances. Most notably his 2014 and 2016 Super Bowl Halftime shows

He was born on October 8th, 1985 in Honolulu, Hawaii. Bruno was already making a name for himself from a young age with his impression of Elvis Presley. He became known for being the youngest Elvis impersonator in the world and was known as 'Little Elvis'. He even starred alongside Nicholas Cage in 1992's "Honeymoon In Vegas". Not bad for a kid!

Since entering the music scene, Bruno has become one of the best selling music artists of all time. He has sold over 226 million albums and singles combined worldwide. Wow!

The Prince of Pop?

Bruno Mars is perhaps one of if not the most successful and known music artists of our time. His ability to create hit after hit is impressive, and perhaps is what will make him achieve success unlike any other artist of our time. Bruno is (in my opinion) the greatest musical talent of our time. I truly think he is a genius. By combining the sound of past eras with the electronic sound of today, Bruno not only creates a unique mixture between nostalgia and the sound of today, but he also makes tunes that are broadly appealing to every age demographic.

Bruno also can follow music trends and adapt his music accordingly. For example, Wake Up In The Sky was created at a time when hip hop and rap was (and still is) starting to become the most prevalent genre of music. He not only did this but he also still made the song sound familiar by including characteristics of R&B into the tune of the song.

As for his performances. Bruno doesn't just perform, he electrifies

He is a very talented dancer who can rival the moves of Michael himself (in fact, he impersonated Michael for a short time as a teen!).

When Bruno performs, the crowd is beyond charmed. The crowd becomes part of the performance. Bruno actively calls out the crowd and gets them involved in the show. He is a true showman.

Music is not math. it's science. You keep mixing the stuff up until it blows upon you, or it becomes this incredible potion

— Bruno Mars

In Comparison To Michael

Now, Bruno is very good. possibly the greatest of our time. But is he on Michael's level? Almost definitely not

Michael was a once in a lifetime music artist. From being the first African American to be featured on MTV to singing about social injustice, Michael broke down barriers and fought against the idea that big musical artists like himself have no place in such political matters. He was an innovator. He was the singer who first used music videos in a big way with his hit song "Billie Jean" and is credited for popularising their use across the musical world.

Michael truly was, in every sense of the word, a genius. It is even said that Michael did not even play many instruments and instead would tell producers the type of beat he wanted by creating the sounds with his mouth. Or sometimes some of the sounds in his music were recordings of the sounds he made with his mouth. Pretty talented if you ask me!

So Will Bruno Ever Be The King Of Pop?

Maybe not the King, but he looks to be on his way to be the Prince. If there is anyone that Michael would be proud of was he to be still alive today it would be Bruno. Some may argue the title of Prince of Pop goes to Justin Timberlake, and whilst he is talented, he most certainly cannot match either Bruno or Michael when it comes to performing.

So perhaps Bruno is not the next Michael Jackson but, as he put it, the first Bruno Mars. It may be actually quite unfair to compare artists for Bruno is yet to set his own legacy and create his own story. The world is Brunos to conquer. and the exciting part is that he has still much left to achieve.


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