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"Bully" Movie Review

Updated on April 29, 2012
Alex Libby
Alex Libby | Source


"Bully" is a documentary about school bullying that everyone who has young children or who has contact with children should see. Viewing should be mandatory for all elementary and high school teachers and administrators. The movie should be shown to students in every school.

The movie documents several actual, real life cases of boys and girls who experienced bullying. It provides intimate, first hand views from the viewpoint of the children, their parents and administrators in the schools they attended. Three of the children who were bullied committed suicide. Alex Libby's story provided continuity from the beginning to the end of the movie. The movie's video depicted his courage and pain in enduring continual physical and verbal bullying incidents in school, on the school bus, and in discussions with insensitive, ineffectual school administrators and with his parents whose efforts to get the school to put a stop to the bullying got nowhere. A teenage girl who was ostracized and bullied after she came out as a lesbian also showed courage in facing her tormentors. The stories of two boys, Tyler Long, 17, and Ty Smalley, who committed suicide after being bullied, were told through their parents. The school administrators did not come across sympathetically for the most part.

The movie provides moving insights into bullying, but it doesn't offer any pat solutions to the problem. It has already focused attention on bullying which will lead to the adoption of badly needed improvements in policies for dealing with the issue.

The movie was directed by Lee Hirsch.

Highly recommended for students, parents, teachers and school administrators.


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