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Bunheads -- After The Ball

Updated on June 19, 2012

In the aftermath of Hubbell's death, Fanny and Michelle return home. Fanny turns off all the lights and takes refuge in her room, without saying anything to Michelle. The next morning Fanny throws herself into planning this elaborate buddhist memorial service for Hubbell since she doesn't do funerals. Meanwhile, Michelle is treated like a complete outsider as no one will let her do anything.

Truly shows up to clean up the place acting like she's the grieving widow. Fanny shows the sensitivity of a rock to Michelle, as Fanny goes on about how Truly was Hubbell's true love right in front of Michelle as if she wasn't even standing there. Guess someone forgot to tell Hubbell that little fact since he stalked Michelle and got her to marry him because he loved her. Truly tells Michelle she blames Michelle for Hubbell's death and Michelle says she blames herself, as well. Not that that seems to move the jilted and discarded ex-girlfriend. When Michelle's friend Talia calls up to see how things are going between her and Hubbell and learns of Hubbell's death, she says it's like Michelle is cursed.

Michelle walks aimlessly around the town and a man who lives in a trailer asks her to walk his dog. Unfortunately, she forgets where his trailer is and gets stuck with the dog. She ends up in a bar run by a man named Rico. At which point she starts getting strange calls from people trying to contact Fanny about the details for Hubbell's memorial. Fanny has taken a 16 hour meditative silence so she can't answer the calls. Things get worse when a friend of Fanny's that's going to do a sculpture of him in the nude, apparently, wants Michelle to verify if she has Hubbell's genitalia correct.

The Bunheads learn about Hubbell and Sasha uses it to get them all out of school, then she gets them to go to the movies. Boo proclaims they will all be going to hell for not honoring the dead in a better fashion. They all go to the ballet studio and wait for Fanny to show up and give them their lesson.

Michelle arrives home to confront Fanny, who tells Michelle she wants nothing from her. Strangely enough it's her encounter with Michelle that finally knocks Fanny out of her manic planning for Hubbell's memorial service. Sasha, who is tired of waiting for Fanny to show up, goes up to the house and sees her crying. She leaves without Fanny seeing her. Her eyes light on Michelle, as she tells her to do something.

Michelle goes down to the studio where all the other students have left, aside for the four bunheads. She tells them to gather chairs together and Boo is sent up to lure Fanny down to the studio. When she comes down she finds the place decorated in a very Fanny eclectic manner and when she enters Michelle directs her to a chair. The girls dance to a song Michelle found in Hubbell's record collection.

Fanny is deeply touched and the ice seems to thaw between them a bit. She introduces Michelle to Hubbell's friend Jerry as Hubbell's wife [which is a big progress]. Jerry tells Michelle that Hubbell told him all about her. That the minute he met her, Hubbell knew she was the one. Then Jerry drops a bombshell that's sure to put the ice between Michelle and Fanny, again. Jerry reveals to Hubbell's wife and mother that Hubbell transferred all the property to Michelle, meaning Michelle now owns everything.

Interestingly enough it seems Sasha is more attached to Michelle than Boo is, when I thought it would be Boo that would be very attached to Michelle. Sasha was the one to ask Michelle if she was going to leave town and she seemed upset at the possibility of it.

I also noticed that Kelly Bishop isn't listed as one of the regular cast and she isn't featured in the opening credits. Just Michelle and the Bunheads. That is Fanny's ballet class. I hope they're not planning to whack off Fanny next. It really wouldn't sit right if Michelle the newcomer comes and takes over everything that was Fanny's, including her ballet class.


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    • hbentleymom profile image


      6 years ago from Alabama

      I see Bishop staying, she was a big thing that pulled Gilmore Girl fans and the GG grandfather was only listed as "and Special Appearance by" but was in almost every episode.

      I loved the show even more this week, the writing is snarky and wonderful and seems to get better each episode!


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