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Bunheads -- Crossing Boundaries

Updated on July 31, 2012

Fanny decides to extend her vacation for another week, meaning Michelle is stuck at home teaching all of Fanny's classes and being run ragged. To make matters worse there's a leak in the dressing room and Michelle doesn't know what to do, so she calls Truly, who suggests she try hiring a plumber.

Because the dressing room is unusable, Michelle tells the Bunheads they can use her house to change in, but totally violate Michelle's trust by going through all her things. Sasha shows up. The Bunheads were worried about Sasha's parents might have done to her for sneaking out and ruining her mother's car. Instead of punishing her, they rewarded her. They took her to a spa and gave her a credit card.

Truly stops by to see how the plumbing problem is going and is appalled to discover that Michelle has hired One-Eyed Davis as the plumber. No one hires Davis. The joke in town is someone always needs to keep an eye on him. And it seems they're right, as One-Eye knocks a bunch of holes in the wall trying to find the pipes. Truly offers to keep an eye on Davis.

Davis looks a lot like Days Of Our Lives Patch. In fact, I wondered if maybe that could have been Stephen Nichols playing the part. I don't think it was him, though. Michelle returns later and finds Davis and Truly giving each other a tongue bath. Truly is horrified by what she did. She says she feels like she betrayed Hubbell, even though Hubbell dumped her and married another woman. It's funny about Hubbell. The people that loved him and were devoted to him he treated like crap and the person that didn't even want to go out on a date, he treated like she was solid gold.

Michelle crosses another boundary line with the Bunheads when she takes them out to dinner and tells them about her wild life. This inspires Ginny to dump Josh, who she's been dating for 8 years to play the field like Michelle did as a teen. This causes Ginny's mother, Claire, to ream Michelle out. From a few slips Claire made, it sounds like she was more upset for herself than Ginny, as it appears Josh did a lot for Claire around the house.

Michelle also butts heads with Sasha who stole one of Michelle's T-Shirts from her house and then lies about it when Michelle confronts her. They have another heated confrontation when Sasha shows up at the ballet studio with her hair not properly attired. Michelle ends up reaming her out. I know Michelle likes being the Bunhead's buddies, but there has to be some boundaries or they'll think like Sasha did that they can get away with murder and you're going to let them. Realistically, Michelle should have taken them all to task for ransacking her house when she only gave them permission to use her house to change her clothes.

Afterwards, Michelle feels she can't do this. She doesn't want to be an adult. Boo's mother comforts her and tells her that since she arrived Boo has changed for the better.

Meanwhile, Boo who must have the self-respect of a flea, agrees to put a good word in with Ginny for Charlie. Boo still has a thing for Melanie's brother even after he wrote another girl's number down on her arm and asked her to call him and give him the number. Things get even worse when Ginny decides she might give Charlie a go, even though she knows how Boo feels about him.

When Michelle says goodbye to Boo, Boo gives her a dirty look, blaming Michelle for Ginny deciding to play the field, instead of blaming who she should really be blaming: Charlie. Hopefully, if Boo's dream comes true and she ever gets her chance with Charlie, she'll realize she doesn't want him and he's just not worth it.


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    • hbentleymom profile image

      hbentleymom 5 years ago from Alabama

      I think that Davis was another Gilmore Girls cast member, Zach.