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Bunheads -- Fanny's Back And There's Gonna Be Trouble

Updated on August 7, 2012

This show wasn't the same without Fanny and thankfully she was finally back this week, and she didn't come home alone. She brought her longtime lover, Michael. When Michelle asks why the two never married, since she can see how simpatico they are, Fanny reveals that Hubbell pitched such a fit the matter was dropped and never picked up, again. Michelle suggests that Fanny think about making it permanent with Michael again since Hubbell is no longer a child and not a concern any longer. Fanny takes her advice and asks Michael to stay for as long as he can and he happily agrees.

When Fanny takes Michelle to a play in LA, Michelle may have met her own Michael in Connor the director of the play. She and Connor hit it off. And when he calls her to come see his play, again, she goes. The two end up in bed together. However, things take a bizarre turn when Michelle remembers the last time she had sex and realizes it was with Hubbell a few hours before he died and she starts crying. She realizes that she's been in shock all this time and having to deal with Fanny's problems and having Hubbell give her everything, so she never got the chance to react and grieve Hubbell's death. When Michelle returns home she tells Fanny she's been thinking of Hubbell and that seems to please Fanny.

What doesn't please Fanny is Sasha. Even though Sasha doesn't like the sun, she purposely tans herself and there are tan lines on her back. When Fanny sees them she replaces Sasha with Boo in a Fred and Ginger number. Sasha's not done challenging Fanny. She shows up with her hair down and blue highlights in her hair, announcing she can't waste all her time on ballet, as she wants to try out for cheerleading. At that Fanny has enough and throws her out of the studio.

Fanny replacing Sasha with Boo exposes the fact that Boo is just as prejudiced against others as they are against her. Boo has been penalized because she's too tall and big-boned to have the classic ballerina body. When Sasha's partner, Jordan pulls out because he doesn't want to dance with Boo, Fanny replaces Jordan with a much shorter Carl and Boo tries to convince Fanny to replace him because he's too short.

Over time, Carl manages to worm his way into Boo's affections. Unfortunately, Ginny and Melanie, who expose themselves as mean girls, tell Carl to get a grip. Boo could never be interested in anyone like him. Boo doesn't tell the two girls to back-off, so Carl leaves crushed. When Boo and Carl have to rehearse their dance he's very stiff and uncomfortable after having his feelings crushed under Ginny and Melanie's pointed little toes.

The episode ended with no resolution. Will Boo stand up to Melanie and Ginny and tell them to stop putting down Carl and tell Carl what Ginny and Melanie said wasn't true? That she really does like him? Will Connor call Michelle again or having her cry hysterically after they had sex be a deal breaker? Or will Connor just be Michelle's transitional man? And what's to be done about Sasha?

Sasha seemed to start spinning out of control after she told her father about sneaking out and damaging her mother's car and instead of being punished, she got rewarded. Not getting what she wants from her parents she seems to be trying to get it from Michelle and Fanny, but can either really give her what she's looking for?


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