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Bunheads -- Fanny's Finances

Updated on August 15, 2012

Boo gets a job...

Michelle awakes to find she's no longer sleeping alone in her bed. Laying at the foot of the bed is a fierce looking possum. She calls up Fanny asking her to come and save her, but she won't. When the possum hisses at her, Michelle jumps out of bed and runs up to Fanny's.

She walks in on Fanny doing her bills with Truly. It seems Fanny only pays bills twice a year, and when she pays them she only pays some of them. She keeps the bills in four separate boxes. Only some bills are lucky enough to get put into the pay box. Michelle takes some nuts and goes back to her place to lure the extremely large rat out of her house.

Michelle finds a strange man lurking outside. His name is Saul and he wants to know which box Fanny has put his bill in. He threatens to rip off all the the ballet shoes off of Fanny's students if he isn't paid. He also is a butt man. He can judge if you're a dancer by the shape of your put. He judges Michelle to have a multi-dance butt and wonders what she's doing in Paradise, because she won't be able to dance here.

When Michelle returns to Fanny it's to find the place in chaos and Truly at the end of her rope. Seems Fanny decided to open the window and all the bills blew all over the place and now there's no way to tell which bill belongs in rich box. Michelle insists Fanny got to an accountant, however the man ends up putting them both to sleep, until he reveals that 95% of the students don't pay Fanny. That wakes Michelle up in a hurry.

Michelle wants Fanny to pressure the others not paying to pony up, but Fanny says they can't afford to pay and doesn't want their children deprived of being able to learn to dance. Fanny has another idea. She can increase the classes and Michelle can be teach some classes. Michelle is adamantly against that. She says she's not even sure how long she's going to stay in Paradise. She'd rather come to Fanny's dress rehearsal for the Paradise spring flower festival and tells the parents to pay-up or get out. Most decide to get out. Unfortunately, this promises to ruin Fanny's show.

So, Michelle, has to call up all the families and apologize to get them to come back. The upshot is one of the parents that was paying wants a discount when they find out none of the other parents are paying. So Fanny will be taking in even less money than she did before.

The show does go on, and although initially Michelle ridicules the dance Fanny choreographed about an evil cashier who pushed paper and plastic, the way it ends, Michelle say it was brilliant. Fanny once again suggests Michelle teach some classes, adding just because she teaches it doesn't mean she's giving up a chance at a dance career. For as different as they are, Fanny understood why Michelle was so adamant against teaching some classes.

Boo gets herself a job at The Oyster Bar. I think it may be Rico's place. The waiter training her takes advantage of his position to make sure he gets the best tables and even makes Boo climb into the dumpster and jump on garbage bags, which causes her to smell really bad.

The rest of the bunheads stop by to see Boo and see a shirtless Goudeau. I think he may be Rico's son. Sasha makes a beat she can get Goudeau, but she can barely get him to talk to her. Boo, however, gets the shirt off his back, literally, without even trying. He sees her stomping on the trash and told her she doesn't have to do that and there's no hierarchy in the waitstaff. Because her


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