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Bunheads -- Happy Birthday, Michelle

Updated on July 25, 2012

Where's Fanny?

The Bunheads arrive at Fanny's studio to find it locked and Fanny nowhere in sight. Michelle arrives on the scene and goes looking for her mother-in-law. When she goes up to Fanny's house she walks into the middle of a bookclub meeting as they discuss Fifty Shades Of Gray. Michelle hassles Truly about hanging out with people who are old enough to be her parents, as Truly gives Michelle a note that Fanny left for her.

When Fanny calls up Michelle it's to inform her she's gone on vacation and Michelle can teach her dance classes while she's gone. This messes up Michelle's birthday plans. Her friend Talia is coming to Paradise and they were planning on going on a road trip for Michelle's birthday. Fanny tells Michelle she can celebrate her birthday at night while teaching her dance classes during the day. Talk about the iron fist inside the velvet glove. Fanny asked Michelle nicely to teach classes and she refused, so she found a way to force her to do it.

Meanwhile the Bunheads are planning on sneaking into a movie they're not allowed to see. They all plan to meet at Sasha's. Unfortunately, when the girls arrive, Sasha's parents are having a rip-roaring fight. Sasha ushers them upstairs as they get ready to sneak out to the movie.

Talia arrives and goes on a mad shopping spree at Truly's shop. She loves everything in the shop. Truly wangles an invite to Michelle and Talia's birthday celebration, acting on Michelle's advice she needs to hang out with people their own age. They give Truly a makeover and it's time to rock the casbah, as Michelle puts it.

It's actually a good thing they bring Truly along because she tells them how they can sneak into the movie tent. The Bunheads aren't happy to see Michelle standing at the back of the tent, afraid if she sees them she'll rat them out. Boo gets to set next to Melanie's brother Charlie who she's still crushing on and she thinks she's making progress until she sees him with another girl. Hopeless Boo still has hope when he writes a number on her arm and tells her to call him. Only problem is it's the number of the girl he was macking on and Boo is actually thinking of calling him up and giving him the number.

The Bunheads manage to avoid being spotted by Michelle, but they get locked out of Sasha's house, so Sasha decides to break-in, only when she jumps on the vinyl roof of her mother's car her, she falls through it. They end up sleeping on top of the car until the security system turns off its automatic timer and they can get back in.

Sasha sees her father sitting on the sofa and staring into space. I thought for sure he was going to tell Sasha her mother was gone. Instead it was Sasha who told him she snuck out and damaged her mother's car. If she was hoping to get a reaction out of him, it doesn't work.

When Michelle and Talia are ready to call it a night, Truly doesn't want the night to end. She suggests they drive out of town to where there's a cupcake ATM that serves cupcakes 24 hours a day. Truly then reveals she isn't drunk, because she's been faking taking drinks from the bottle and then spitting the liquor back in the bottle, that really grosses out the girls who weren't fake drinking.

Truly falls asleep finally, while Michelle and Talia have a heart-to-heart. Talia says she really likes Paradise. Even though Michelle keeps saying she doesn't know if she's going to stay or go, she and Talia talk about how to celebrate Michelle's birthday next year in Paradise.

In Joffrey Ballet news, Sasha's been invited to attend and she tells Boo she's just going to leave without telling her parents. She doubts they'll even know she's gone.


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