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Bunheads -- Oh, Brother!

Updated on February 4, 2013

This may actually be my last episode of recapping this show. The story just doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. And the show is just not that interesting anymore. Missing from this episode was Fanny and Sasha.

Boo’s mom seems to be incapable of watching his three sons and wasn’t even sure if one of them was underneath the TV when she called up Boo at ballet class. Boo ended up having to take care of her three brothers with the help of her boyfriend Carl. I’m sorry, but if Boo’s mom can’t handle the kids she has, why the heck didn’t she use birth control pills to prevent herself from getting pregnant, again? Does the woman really think things are going to get better when the new baby arrives? If you can’t take care of the kids you got, then don’t have anymore. Get your tubes tied if taking contraceptives is too much for you to handle.

Melanie joined the roller derby and became one of the Derby Dolls. For some reason, Cozette and her brother got to name each doll. They gave Melanie the name Cleo-smaktra. I have no idea where this story is going. It was interesting for two seconds when Melanie was actually caring about her brother Charlie. Instead of expanding on the Charlie/Melanie relationship, that was just a plot trick to lead to this roller derby nonsense.

And Ginny was dealing with her psycho-mom going all Glenn Close because her ex-husband was getting married, again. Apparently she showed up at the wedding and threw punch on everyone, including her own daughter. Ginny and her big boobs was finally brought up again, but not in relation to her dancing. Her new step-mommy doesn’t like she has big boobs so she put her in a tent on a bridesmaid dress. It’s sad they dropped the whole issue since the first episode aired and finally brought it up again for this nonsense. It would have been a better story for Ginny then the revolving boyfriends story she’s gotten. It might help teens who have body issues to deal with their own body issues. Ditto for Boo whose whole story about being considered too big to be a ballet dance has been pretty much dropped, as well.

Michelle’s big story was her brother, Scotty, coming to visit. Scotty insulted Godot, just like his sister, by calling him dumb. Michelle got ticked off that Scotty had her ukulele and never gave it back to her until now. They also got into a fight for Scotty telling the girls how Michelle tried to saw a whole in the ballet floor to get her teacher to break her leg since she hated her ballet teacher. They also got into a big fight about their mother.

To be honest, I found Scotty and Michelle a giant bore. I think it would have been more interesting if Fanny had been around and see how Michelle’s old family got along with her new family.

Michelle apologized to Godot about calling him dumb and she was already to have an all-nighter with him when her brother showed up, putting the scotch on her getting it on with Godot. Not that I really cared. I thought Godot and Boo made a more interesting couple.

And off-camera Sasha supposedly found herself an apartment. Yeah, right. I’m sure a minor could easily rent her own apartment.

They also had some new teacher named Jordan who acted like a little Hitler insulting the girls. Some of the moves he wanted them to do looked like they could have caused them to break their leg. When he reamed out a ten year old; Boo put him in his place. What purpose this character serves I have absolutely no clue.

Probably the two best moments of the night was the oh-so perfect Cozette being told she’s not perfect. Ginny reamed her out when she learned Melanie had joined the roller derby and blamed her; she told her the Bunheads are a foursome with no room for her. And Cozette couldn’t believe her perfect little ears when Michelle told her she didn’t do her dance routine perfectly.

It’s like I said, this show just seems to become more of a mess with each passing week. Which is why I’m rapidly losing interest in it. It just seems they keep adding more new characters with each passing week and not many of them seem to even have a real purpose.


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