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Bunheads -- The Aftermath

Updated on January 8, 2013

Fanny's the best thing about this show

This episode just made me realize the only thing I like about the show, it's only saving grace, is Fanny. All the Bunhead's are annoying and so is Michelle to a great degree.

Michelle is working in Henderson, Nevada, as a magician's assistant for a two bit magician. She's also living with her BFF Talia. Unfortunately, Talia's much-older boyfriend is getting tired of Michelle hanging around. To make matters worse and video has gone viral of Michelle macing all off Fanny's students called, "She Maced Me."

Back home, Fanny has closed up the dance studio and is doing mass renovations. Truly is helping and doesn't get what's really wrong with Fanny. She misses Michelle. When Truly isn't around, she's watching videos she has of Michelle teaching class and of Michelle and Hubbel's Las Vegas wedding. When Fanny runs into the Bunheads their cool to her and don't even want to speak to her. Apparently, they blame her for their beloved Michelle leaving. Maybe they should recall she didn't care enough about them to stay, not even when they did their cringe-worthy standing on the chair routine.

As for the Bunheads, Boo's mother is knocked up again and has been ordered on bed rest until she pops out the new baby. So Boo is having to do all the cooking and cleaning and looking after her siblings. Melanie is looking after her grandfather and being obnoxious to a waiter at the place Boo used to work. Ginny's mother is not in a good place because her father is re-marrying, so Ginny is taking her place and trying to sell houses for her. And Sasha is hiding out at the other Bunhead's houses, while she pretends she's still away at the Joffrey Ballet, because she doesn't want to go home.

Fanny finally has enough and takes the bull by the horns and goes to see Michelle. Needless to say she's not impressed by Michelle's job. She also tells Michelle that their family and that she should understand that sometimes when people are angry they say things in the heat of the moment they don't really mean. Fanny leaves the wedding video with Michelle to watch and basically tells her to come back home, because she'll be her mother-in-law for the rest of her life.

Michelle watches her wedding video to Hubbel and he says on it that he's sorry Fanny isn't there because she'll be ticked she missed the wedding. And that Fanny will end up loving Michelle more than she loves him. Long story short, Michelle finally comes home, and finds Tasha hiding out there.

With Michelle back, Fanny reopens the dance studio. She also pokes fun at Michelle by staging a dance to the viral video hit, "She Maced Me."

I read an interview Amy Sherman-Palladino gave trying to defend the claims that the Bunheads is just a remake of the Gilmore Girls. She can deny it all she wants, but it is, which doesn't say much about her originality or ability to do a new show. Michelle is a Loralei clone. The Heads are an amalgam of Rory. The towns are even clones of each other. It's such a clone I've taken to dubbing it The Gilheads.

ASP also claims that the show is about Michelle and the Heads, without giving Fanny an honorable mention. Michelle came back because of Fanny, not the Heads. The best relationship on the show is between Fanny and Michelle.

As I said earlier, the Heads are kind of annoying. Boo had some brownie points going for her when she was prejudiced against because of her size, but when she turned around and did the same thing to Carl, she lost them all. Doing to someone else what's been done to you isn't cool. Add to that what a pathetic love leech she is about Melanie's brother, and it's not pretty. Melanie is probably the Head that's going to least amount of development. Ginny comes off as a peabrain after she dumped her longtime boyfriend because Michelle talked about how she played the field when she was Ginny's age. And most times Tasha comes off as an obnoxious twit.

I have my doubts that this show will make it to another season and will become another one season wonder like Jane By Design was.


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