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Bunheads -- The Heir Apparent

Updated on June 19, 2013

You know, after seeing how Hubbell left everything to this woman he was stalking and married to for five seconds while leaving nothing to his mother, not even her dance studio, I'm kind of glad they killed off Hubbell. What a tool.

Needless to say Fanny doesn't take the news well. Neither does Michelle, for that matter. She even points out to Jerry how ridiculous it was for Hubbell to change his will that fast when they'd been only together for like twenty-four hours. It isn't long before Fanny is taking her anger out on Michelle wondering what she's allowed to use in the house since she owns nothing.

You know what her own son did to her has to really sting. But since she died she can't be angry at him. What he did to his own mother was loathsome. He couldn't even leave the property where he ballet studio is to his mother? She gave up her dancing career for him. She could have easily aborted his worthless hide or given him up for adoption. Instead she gave up everything for him to raise him and how does he repay her? Leaves everything to his twenty-four hour Vegas bride who he barely knew. Talk about the unkindest cut of all.

It isn't long before the vultures come out in the form of Jenny's realtor mother, Rachel. She takes Michelle for a tour around all the property she's inherited painting the worst picture for Michelle in hopes she'll sell the property. Fanny is giving a ballet lesson and spots Michelle and Rachel and freaks out when she thinks Michelle is going to sell the property out from under her leaving her homeless.

Michelle decides to take a joyride in Hubbell's classic red car to get away from all the tension with Fanny and it breaks down. Unfortunately, it breaks down on someone's private road. The car isn't like six inches on this private road and when the tow truck driver arrives he refuses to tow the car, because it's on a private road and he needs permission of the owner to come on it, even though he could have probably stood on the public road and hooked up the car. Then Clayton, the local sheriff, shows up and wants to write Michelle a ticket for driving on a private road, and when she refuses she gets arrested.

Fanny arrives and gets Clayton to let her go. Michelle decides to hike up the private road to find the owner who Clayton said was named Bill and the last people who went up there vanished. Bill is actually Grant. He's waiting for his date to show up and has his chauffeur Rusty go down and look at Michelle's car. Michelle pretty much pours out her life story to Grant admitting she doesn't want to put down roots, but she also can't sell the property out from under Fanny because it wouldn't be fair.

When Michelle returns home she stumbles upon a guest house on the property she falls in love with. She tells Fanny she's going to live down there and Fanny can have the house and that's all she's decided so far. You know, once the property is legally hers, Michelle she dead the house and ballet studio to Fanny. That would be the fair thing to do. That would right the wrong Hubbell did to his own mother. From what we saw there'd still be plenty of property still left. Those seem to be the two places that mean the most to Fanny, so why not just make them legally hers.

In Bunhead Land, the Bunheads are having an Ugliest Foot contest. The winner will be considered the best dancers since their feet are in the worst shape. Melanie's brother, Charles, comes to watch the ballet practice. He doesn't have a choice, since he's being punished. Boo has a crush on Charles, Something she seemed to be trying to keep secret, but when she takes a place in the front row to dance and a spiteful Tasha says loud enough for everyone to hear that Boo should just give Charles a lap dance.

The other Bunheads are growing tired of Tasha's bitchy attitude. Boo tries to take up for Tasha and emphasize with Tasha to explain why she's acting the way she is. Unfortunately, Tasha hears and goes on a verbal attack against Boo. Later, as the girls are getting in the cars with their mother, Tasha seems to look longingly at Boo and her mother's warm and loving relationship, before getting in the car with her cold fish mother.

Later, Michelle finds Tasha back at the ballet studio practicing, after having snuck out. Tasha says her parents won't even know she's gone, before she and Michelle part company.

I'm guessing Grant will end up being Michelle's new love interest. Which will probably cause more conflict between Fanny and Michelle.

I understand from a writing standpoint why they had Hubbell leave everything to Michelle after the shortest marriage on record. They needed a reason for Michelle to stay in Paradise and a reason why Fanny didn't just give her to boot. But from an emotional standpoint what Hubbell did to his own mother was just plain crappy.


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