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Bunheads -- There's A New Girl In Town

Updated on January 15, 2013

There's a new girl in town and her name is Cozette. She's just Little Miss Perfect who can do anything and everything. The Bunheads already are intimidated by her, but things get worse when Little Miss Perfect shows up at the dance studio and does a dance solo that leaves the Bunheads in awe.

Ginny approaches LMP's brother who appears to be an artist or perhaps we should call him The Artiste with the attitude he cops. He draws a picture but throws it away saying it's too bad Ginny wasn't able to see it. Can you say get over yourself? Anyway, it looks like Ginny is smitten by this twerp. As we all know she has really bad taste in men. Apparently Melanie's gross and repulsive brother is off her dating list, thank goodness.

Carl's back from camp and he wants Boo to have dinner with his parents. Let's just say his mother's a real pill. When Boo hears Carl say to his mother that Boo could be the woman he wants to marry, she becomes convinced Carl is going to propose. Boo embarasses herself by saying she wouldn't be opposed to marry Carl and he has to set her straight that he's nowhere near ready for marriage.

Tasha is still avoiding her parents but her mother finally catches up with her. She tells Tasha that her father is moving in with his boyfriend and both of them are moving away from Paradise. Tasha has a pick of who she can live with. Tasha picks none of the above saying this could ruin her chance at a ballet career.

Michelle's story for the week was Truly turning her place into her dress shop. Seems when Truly's landlady raised the rent on her shop, she wouldn't sign the new lease. She was doing it in protest of having her rent raised.

Michelle wants Truly and her dress shop out of her place so she arranges a meeting between Truly and her landlady. Turns out her landlady happens to be her sister. There's bad blood between the sisters. It also turns out that Milly blames Truly for stealing Hubbell from her. It's an awkward moment when Michelle introduces herself to Milly as Hubbell's widow.

And that's basically the episode in a nutshell. There was no Fanny in this episode which made the episode not that interesting and good background noise. I just don't find Michelle and the Bunheads all that interesting without Fanny to add a little spice to them. And I could really care less about the two new additions of Cozette and The Artiste. Perfection and pomposity are not interesting character traits.

Apparently a couple of past Gilmore actors showed up on this week's episode. I woudln't know as I've probably watched one entire episode of the Gilmore Girls. Yeah, Amy Sherman-Palladino. You're not trying to remake the Gilmore Girls and call it The Bunheads. And I've got a really nice bridge in Brooklyn I'd be willing to sell you for a good price.

If this is the tenor the rest of this season's Bunhead episodes is going to follow, I really seeing it going the way of Jane By Design.


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    • trusouldj profile image

      trusouldj 4 years ago from Indiana

      I dare you to watch Gilmore Girls Season one on DVD and tell me what you think.