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Bunheads -- Ticket To Paradise

Updated on June 12, 2012

Michelle Simms is a Las Vegas showgirl. She has an ardent admirer named Hubble she keeps trying to give the brush-off to. When she's down after not being allowed to audition, apparently because she's too old, she succumbs to Hubble's persistence and goes out on a date with him. While on the date, she's gets plastered and when Hubble asks her to marry him, she does. On the way to his hometown, Paradise, hanging out the window and recovering from a hangover, she bares a big, "What have I done?" look on her face and it doesn't get better when she arrives at her new home.

HIs mother has his house decorated [if that's what one could call it] with all her strange bric a brac. That's when she learns he lives with his mother, but insists the house belongs to him and he lets his mother live with him. The view he described from the balcony from his bedroom as an enticement to marry him is as stunning as he promised and about the only good thing to happen, especially once she meets Hubble's mother Fanny.

Fanny insists on throwing a party to celebrate their marriage, since she wasn't there to see them get married. All Michelle has is the wolf T-shirt on her back and the pair of shorts that she's wearing, so Fanny directs her to Sparkles, a place to buy a dress for the party. There she runs into Truly, who is the salesgirl there and in love with Hubble. Even though she weeps all the way through their meeting, she sells Michelle a beautiful dress she said she designed herself, saying Hubble deserves the best.

Let's just say it's the party from hell with everyone digging Michelle about being a pole dancer, stripper and whatever other sleazy occupation they try to pin on her. Fanny's wine is also terrible. It isn't long before Michelle has had enough and storms out of the party and up to her and Hubble's bedroom.

She tells Hubble she doesn't love him, and has never loved anyone. She doesn't seem to think she's capable of loving anyone. Hubble says he knows and understands her and wants to give her all the things in life she wants. He also hopes that in time she may grow to love him. He kisses her and they have sex.

When they return to the party, Fanny has a cow when she realizes the two had sex during her party. This leads to another altercation and Michelle storms out again. This time heading to Fanny's ballet studio. Hubble tells Fanny and the rest of the people gathered there that Michelle is his wife and for them to basically suck it up.

Fanny runs a ballet studio and the four students that aren't just extras littering the background are Boo, Tasha, Melanie and Jenny. Boo doesn't have the right body to be a ballet dancer; she's big-boned and has a tummy, but it's the one thing she wants to be. Tasha has the perfect body of a ballet dancer and ballet comes easily for her, perhaps too easy. Maybe if she had to struggle a bit and really work hard at it, she'd have a little empathy for the body issues of her fellow students instead of behaving like a callous beyotch to them. Another of the girls wears two bras because her breasts are so large. While many girls want to have big breasts, it doesn't help to make up the perfect body of a ballet dancer.

Michelle goes down to the ballet studio as a safe haven and the girls want to know what it's like to audition, so she puts them through their paces. Surprisingly the other girls pick up the different choreography easier than Tasha does, who gets booted to the back of the group. Maybe a little more of that and she'd learned some humility. She doesn't her first time of getting a dose of not being number one by justifying the fact that it wasn't ballet dancing so it doesn't really count.

Fanny happens upon Michelle putting her girls through their paces and suggests they go out for a drink at a local bar. They open up a bit to each other. Fanny tells Michelle she Googled her and found out she threw away all her potential for a dance career by going to Vegas and becoming a showgirl. Michelle admits it's her biggest regret and now she can't get her dance career back. And Fanny tells how her promising ballet career ended. She got pregnant with Hubble and thought after she had him she could go back to it. But Hubble's father didn't stick around and she had to pay bills, so instead of dancing she started teaching.

Fanny gets Michelle to dance with her and they're having a good time together when Truly comes in. Hubble was out looking for them and there was an accident. From the way she was acting Hubble is dead. And I'm like, he can't be dead. Maybe he was just injured? Isn't the whole story about Michelle falling in love with Hubble?

I apparently had the wrong love story. The real love story is between Michelle and Fanny. How these two women who actually have a lot in common and are connected through Hubble learn to love each other and become family.

My weirdest thought was about Fanny as I kept wondering is that the woman that played the mother on the Gilmore Girls? I never watched the Gilmore Girls, but in the promos for Bunheads they said the woman behind this show was also behind that show. So I went on the Internet Movie Database and found out that Fanny and Loralei's mother are one and the same.

This is a very different show from ABCFamily. Generally, they have fluffy shows like Melissa and Joey or Secret Life. This looks like this has the makings to be a very high quality show.


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    • hbentleymom profile image

      hbentleymom 5 years ago from Alabama

      I usually feel like I am not the target age range when I am watching ABC Family shows (Secret Life, Switched at Birth and The Lying Game) but I like them anyway. With this one I did not feel that way! I love Gilmore Girls so I loved seeing Fanny and the tone of the show really reminded me of GG. I know I will keep watching this show.