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Burn Notice S5E9: An Eye for an Eye

Updated on August 28, 2011

Micheal and Fiona


An Eye for An Eye

This week Michael and Sam interrogate Lucien a Romanian Bomb Maker. Lucien stalls for time waiting for the Calvaryto rescue him not realizing an executioner would be sent. But Lucien doesn't realize that he is worth more dead than alive as his death projects the identity of Ma'x killer. Before Lucien dies he gives Micheal a way to find the person who framed him for murder.

Jesse and Fiona provide private security for HLX owner Mr. Forte and his wife Saddie. It would seem Mr. Forte stole his former partner's the business and his wife. Fiona and Jessie decide to help Dan recover the gene sequence and incriminating documents..


As usually this week was really good but I have to say not as good as other weeks. But in any story the episodes must progress. There was a more serious tone which is good but lacks the balance between gravitas and humor this show normally displays. I would imagine it is quite challenging for the writers to find the balance.

There is an underlying theme that Micheal needs to appreciate his team even though he is engaged with the CIA again as wel Micheal should because his team of cohorts make all of his wokr possible.


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