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Burton Crane - Audition and Predictions For America's Got Talent 7

Updated on May 22, 2012

Burton Crane looks and acts like one of those joke acts you see every year on America's Got Talent. He is from New York City and auditioned there for Season 7.

And when he said he was a 77-year-old rapper who is the grandfather of rap, then I was sure this was another joke waiting to happen. To my surprise, it was only half a joke. His rapping was terrible, as you might have expected. But what caught me and probably most people by surprise was his song "Whatcha Gonna Do."

By the end of the audition, the whole theater was chanting "Whatca Gonna Do" in unison. This was a very catchy tune, and Burton says he has 100 more where that came from.


Well, I still thinks it's really easy to predict that Burton Crane cannot win. His rapping is so bad it's funny, and that will cause him to lose a lot of votes even from fans who like his lyrics. And it is also pretty doubtful that Burton will have other tunes as catchy as this one. I got a lot of hits on my articles last night on Burton, but this is probably a short-lived thing. He could easily make the voting rounds if the producers want him. But this kind of music comedy act won't last long in a talent contest with as much good talent as AGT.


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    • Jimmy Boyd profile image

      Jimmy Boyd 5 years ago from Vernon, TX, USA

      I'm talking about odds of winning the show. I hope the guy has a hit, but that's separate and apart from predicting success on the show. I am not talking about outside the show or singles sales or whatever.

    • profile image

      Leslie 5 years ago

      Oh, and you only need one good hit bi the way. Think about it. We ask that question at least once a week. Stumble all over the words and here comes Burton Crane with a Casio "probably made before I was born" reminding us of what we ask ourselves "whatcha gonna do?" every day. "what next?"

    • profile image

      Leslie 5 years ago

      Sweet old guy

    • profile image

      Madamemimm 5 years ago

      No, Burton won't last long, however I'm on pins and needles waiting for his next catchy tune. Also, as an avid AGT fan, I truly think this is my favorite season as of yet. I love the dog act, the opera singer, the rapping granny and old man. It's a schmorgasboard of talent that makes me glad to live in a place where social nonsense is embraced.