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Updated on May 6, 2011


I have escaped the torture my wife imposed on me by forcing me to watch BRITAIN"S GOT TALENT! As the alternative was the excruciating Eurovision Song Contest I decided to give it another go. It gets worse! I despair of seeing lowly educated , desperate people being given whar passes for the chance for less than 15 minutes Andy Warhol promised, to bask in what they see as fame.

These deluded people far outnumber, as the cynics behind the show intend fully, any who have a possibility of raising themselves to any sort of career in front of even a Working Man"s Club audience Their despair is what emanates through the false glitz of the stage setting and reflects back on their sad actualities.

I lost count of the number who seem to see their future in the medium of what I understand to be termed as STREET DANCING.These people , without doubt put in hours of effort into their hobby, for that is what it surely is. There can be no room surely for group after group prpounding the same or similar activity. Enough all ready is the cry. Fatigue at watching similar dexterity soon sets in.

Now I do not complain at the energetic people doing their thing but I do at the rich and famous who exploit them, and even worse those sad people who cannot do anything remotely entertaining. They bring out the lowest denominator in the public who laugh at, not with, them, or even worse bay like Romans at the games for their removal. If this is what TV is to become then John Logie Baird failed us all.. He did not ,of course , for TV can be and is a great medium in the right hands.


There is a brighter side because despite programmes like this Britain truly has Talent. It shines in the faces of the young who see that there is no quick fix to riches but strive to achieve their goals with diligent study, work and application over time. It shows in the older members of the Entertainment world, for example Sheila Hancock, now a much admired and loved actress who went through the mill to get to her current status,and at 77 years can still hold an audience. Will Britain"s Got Talent find someone with that ability and sustained excellence? Views please either here as comment or on a postcard to a Mr S Cowell.However, those with talent waiting to be discovered may help themselves by studying the link below to assist their paths to stardom.

You can bet that any views sent here will be read and appreciated, whislt the shredder awaits those sent to the other place unless I am much mistaken.

Feel better to have that off my chest!



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