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Buy A Guitar Capo Online

Updated on July 11, 2011

What is a Guitar Capo

 A Capo is a removable clamp placed on the neck of a guitar. It evenly applies pressure to all of the strings, pushing them onto the fret at the chosen level. The result is a shortening of the string length that maintains the relationship between strings while raising the pitch of the guitar.

All fretted notes remain unchanged with only open strings being affected by the capo.

Clamp Style Capo
Clamp Style Capo

Types of Guitar Capo

 1. Full Circumference Capos

Held in place by an elastic strap, these simple devices are only suitable for depressing all strings at once. They are now very cheap and rely on band tension to ensure correct function.

2. Metal Clamp Capos

These are now to more popular type for ease of use, function and style. They also allow some strings to be left free of the capo. This allows alternate tunings such as Drop D without having to change the tuning of individual strings.

Guitar Capo - What to Look For

 Before buying a capo, there are a few points to remember.

If the capo clamps with insufficient force, there can be a noisy vibration against the fret or dampening of strings. Even and complete fretting of all strings is essential.

Some mechanisms take considerable time to place and remove. If you are likely to need frequent or rapid changes, choose a capo suitable to this task.

Kyser Capo

This top seller is popular for delivering quality at a reasonable price. Its simple design allows for quick, hassle-free application and removal and should be more than good enough for most musicians.

The Premium Capo

 This stylish (but expensive) capo comes with a lifetime warranty and has unsurpassed customer satisfaction. Designed for quick and simple one-handed use it will be appreciated by dedicated musicians.

Those who play occasionally or who are just looking to experiment would probably be better off with a cheaper capo.

Budget Capo

 If you just want to experiment or don't play often, this cheap strap-style capo will give you a good introduction.

 It takes a bit longer to fit and remove but when you are just playing around that doesn't matter.

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How to Use a Capo


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