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Buy Best | Cheap Blu-Ray Movies Online

Updated on June 8, 2011

Buying Cheap Blu Ray Movies Online From Amazon

If you are looking for cheap blu ray movies, then its best to buy them online, you can shop for your favorite movies and may be get used ones if you are lucky and grab them in within your budget. These are some of the very latest blu ray DVDs available from Amazon for the best prices. You can go through the reviews of customer who have already seen the movie and analyze their votes before you spend your hard-earned money. If you enjoyed reading this collection then you can ‘vote up’ at the bottom of this page and you can also share this with your friends through tweets or bookmarks.

Buy Cheap Blu Ray Kick-Ass Movie DVD (2010)

The Kick-ass blu ray disc is now available online in Amazon for the best price. Kick-ass movie is the visualization of the famous comic by Mark Millar and John Romita Jr., Starring Nicolas Cage, Chloe Moretz, Aaron Johnson and Mark Strong (Sherlock Holmes). This movie was initially considered to be a flow, later it gained momentum by proving the first few viewers that it is just and average superhero movie. The Kick- Ass blu ray movie disc comes 3 in number.

The blu ray disc 1 have lots of additional stuffs like Ass-Kicking Bonus View mode, Mathew Vaughn Audio on commentary, The comic book origin of Kick-ass, The art of kick-ass , BD Touch and Met menu remote enabled for iPhone/iPod/iPad interactivity and lots more

The Kick-ass blu ray movie disc 2 have DVD version of the feature film and the disc 3 has Digital Copy version of the feature film.

About the movie, Hit – Girl is the most popular character among the viewers. She is blood thirsty and foul mouthed, yet at sometimes very childish. The movie if stuffed with several funny moments and the whole story board is pretty entertaining. The kick-ass movie blu ray movie would never be a waste of your money or the hours you spent watching it.

Buy Cheap Blu Ray DVD -Iron Man 2 Movie

The war for weapons in not yet over. Just after the first adventure of Iron Man, the arms manufacturer and smart scientist Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.)  Is suffering from some hardware problems from the heavy metals installed into his chest. This is the crux about Iron Man 2. Now the Blu-ray DVD of Iron Man 2 is available for sale in Amazon. It comes with some special offers and bundled with lots of features.

The Disc 1(Blu-ray DVD) contains the feature film with optional commentary from Jon Favreau (Director of Iron Man 2) and S.H.I.E.L.D. Data Vault which give exclusive access to new layer of graphics of the movie and other insider information. It also includes some training films, tech details and much more.

The Disc 2 (Blu-ray DVD) of Iron Man 2 has lots of contents to get you excited. Even I am curious to know about the making of Iron Man 2. Here they present the ‘Ultimate Iron Man’ – The making of Iron Man 2 (HD). It has ‘Rebuilding the Suit’ – A complete retrospection of the whole movie. In addition to this, they take you to sets of Stark Expo to Tony Stark’s home and much more. It also includes the ‘Illustrated Origin’ of Nick Fury, Black Widow and War Machine (some of the characters in the movie). As an additional bonus they provide the deleted scenes from Iron Man 2 with optional commentary by Jon Favreau (HD).

The disc 3 contains the feature film and Digital copy. The digital copy is the media file which you can copy to any portable device in just few minutes.

With the Blu-ray Iron Man 2 HD I can undoubtedly state that it provides much more than any other DVD of just what the movie can provide. You can buy Blu Ray Iron Man Online from Amazon for really cheap price and the best offers.

Buy Blu ray Unforgiven Movie DvD Online

Buy Cheap Blu Ray - Unfogiven Movie DVD

I confidently put this movie for review with the most modern films because of the quality and popularity of the film. Unforgiven (Blu ray) has been standing with in the top 100 in the Amazon for more than 2 years. I suggest this is a must watch movie for every one who love Western Action and Adventure. Unforgiven has won four academy award for best picture, director, supporting actor, and best edition. The masterpiece form Clint Eastwood’s in the 1990’s still stands as the greatest Westerns ever made. At an Amazon you can buy Unforgiven blu-ray DVD movie for a cheap price. The DVD offers remastered sound track and, standard and widescreen formats.


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