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Buy Cinderella DVD - on Special Edition at cheap price

Updated on July 4, 2014

Good news for all Disney fans, now you can buy Cinderella DVD at very cheap price. The most enduring animated fairy-tale of all time, Cinderella is now available on 2-Disc special edition DVD. Cinderella movie is adaptation of the classic fairy tale Gory Brothers Grimm by Disney’s in 1950. Cinderella is one of the most popular Disney movies released since 1937. Buy Cinderella DVD today and gift it to your kids, its one of the best gift you can present to them; they really enjoy watching the Cinderella movie and listening its songs over and over.

Cinderella Movie

No one can forget the remarkable story of poor girl Cinderella, being battered from wicked stepmother and two stepsisters. She unexpectedly achieves recognition and triumph for her unparalleled goodness and sweet temper, after a phase of neglect and obscurity. Memorable Cinderella songs like A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes, Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo, So This Is Love, Cinderella Sing Sweet Nightingale, and The Work Song have stolen millions of heart and everyone keep listening to them if once they listen to it. It’s great pleasure to watch the everlasting Cinderella story on an amazing animated movie DVD and with dazzling sound effects. Disney released most memorable Cinderella on DVD and now you can buy Cinderella DVD online at very cheap price.

Cinderella DVD Features

This 2-Disc special edition DVD brings life to enchanting Cinderella story; Disney has done a great work in all-new digital restoration of movie with enhanced picture and sound. Picture quality is greatly improved to stunning razor sharpness with a dazzling Dolby Digital 5.1 Enhanced Home Theater Mix. This DVD also contains two omitted Cinderella songs ‘Dancing on a Cloud’ and ‘Cinderella's Work Song’. The Cinderella DVD also includes a 38-minute documentary covering some of today's top animators’ contributions to some of endearing Cinderella movie characters, seven unused audio songs with play time of total 17 minutes makes the Cinderella DVD more valuable.

Cinderella DVD also includes some more striking features like 2 musical videos for kids, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition a learning tool to become a princess, Disney Channel personality Sally from Mike's Super Short Show, a minor dancing-princess feature, a DVD-ROM design studio, ESPN's ‘Top Cinderella Stories’, stories on tennis's Williams sisters and Mia Hamm, Still frame and slideshow galleries, 1922 Cinderella Laugh-o-gram, From Rags to Riches: The Making of Cinderella and many more.

Buy Cinderella DVD

Both you and your kids can enjoy watching fabulous Cinderella movie. Irrespective of age, without a doubt everyone loves to watch this movie and listen to songs again and again. Cinderella is one of the Best Disney movies and you must have a DVD in your family's movie collection. Buy Cinderella DVD today and complete your movie collection with this enchanting greatest animated Disney movie of all time.


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