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Buy Skullcandy Stereo Headphones Online and Save

Updated on February 9, 2010

Stylish Skullcandy Headphone Sets

Why Skullcandy Stereo Headphones?

Skullcandy stereo headphones are ultra popular. Bestseller skullcandy headphone sets get excellent reviews by users. Why? Because Skullcandy produces quality, stylish, comfortable headphones and earbuds.

Skullcandy developed their sport headphone models for active people on the go. Some of the world's best known athletes use Skullcandy stereo headphones. Comparable headphones by other companies usually cost much more than Skullcandy headphones. Read below for more information about Skullcandy headphone sets and earbuds.

Skullcandy Skullcrushers Headphones in Pinstripe Black

Skullcandy Stereo Headphones Review- Skullcandy Skullcrushers

Skullcandy SCS-SCBP3.5 Skullcrushers subwoofer stereo headphones are one of the top skullcandy stereo headphones. Skullcrushers are stylish and available in many colors, including classic black pinstripe. Skullcrushers are often favorably compared to DJ headphones. Skullcandy Skullcrusher headphones are perfect for active people and great for gamers!

Bass lovers will not be easily disappointed with these headphones. With a bass amplified mini vibrating subwoofer that includes adjustable inline bass, these Skullcandy headphones are incredible, especially for the price. The bass is powerful and easily adjustable with an easily accessible wheel- awesome for bass fans everywhere! The subwoofer uses 2 AA batteries, which are included. And don't worry- the batteries last for a very long time. You don't have to worry about constantly replacing them.

Comfort is another fantastic perk with Skullcandy Skullcrushers. The earpiece is covered completely in cushioned authentic leather, not cheap foam or vinyl. This results in ultimate comfort for a set of stereo headphones.

Plus, unlike other full size headphones, Skullcrushers headphones are amazingly light. I can't wear full size headphones for very long periods, as my ears get sore and I get a headache from the pressure of the headphones. I can wear Skullcandy Skullcrusher headphones for a much longer period of time.

Travelers will also appreciate these Skullcandy headphones. Made for comfort and providing great sound, Skullcrushers also work double duty as noise cancelling headphones. I was pleasantly surprised at their effectiveness for blocking out noise, even in a loud airplane. With the included home stereo and airplane adapter plus a travel pouch, just throw them in your carry-on and you're ready to rock on without disturbing others or being disturbed.

The bottom line is Skullcandy Skullcrusher headphones are an excellent value! They provide comfort, excellent sound, privacy, and style. You won't find comparable headphones in this price range- expect to pay much more!

Some reviewers complain about too much bass or less than perfect sound quality, but I really think this is from people who don't realize that the bass can be adjusted or just don't bother to adjust the sound.

Still not convinced? Read some snippets of other Skullcandy Skullcrushers headphones reviews or click on the link for more information or to read even more Skullcandy Skullcrushers reviews:

"Crazy bass at a bargain price!"...
"Very comfortable and great bass!"...
"Exceptional sound for the price"...

Skullcandy headphones already cost considerably less than comparable headphone sets. But buy them today from the link and save even more! Plus save the time and hassle of shopping in the real world.

More Skullcandy Lowrider Headphones in Different Colors

Skullcandy Lowrider Headphones in Pink

Skullcandy Lowrider headphones are at the lower end of the price range. But don't let the low price fool you. With 40mm drivers, the sound from these Skullcandy headphones is powerful. And they didn't skimp on quality- the ear padding and covers are made with comfortable leather.

They are very stylish headphones, too. They come in various colors, not just pink. Lowrider headphones are designed like DJ headphones, with 92 degree swivel speakers.

Travelers will love these headphones. They come with portable headband that easily folds up, and the headphones can be folded in half. A travel pouch is included so that your Skulllcandy Lowriders can go wherever you go. Also a 6.3 mm stereo adapter is included.

Bought in a store, Skullcandy Lowrider headphones are a great deal for the quality of the headphones. But if you buy the pink Lowriders right here from the link, you will save more than half off! Plus, they are eligible for free shipping! This huge savings may not last. Even if it doesn't, the price is almost guaranteed to usually be way lower than in stores. Save time and money- Buy Skullcandy headphones online!

Be aware that there are complaints from a few users that the headphones break easily by snapping when you take them off of your head. Be aware that Skulcandy has an excellent warranty program, so returns should not be a problem if needed. A couple of people mentioned them being tight fitting. For more information or to read more Skullcandy Lowrider headphone reviews, click on any of the links to the right or anywhere on this page.

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    • profile image

      Ghost Producer 6 years ago

      Such bad quality headphones... but on the other hand the price is right and for listening purposes they get the job done suggest some really good quality affordable ones

    • profile image

      Tessor 7 years ago

      Excellent review of these headphones, and I agree that Skullcandy is much cheaper online. Although I understand people's concern about them breaking, I think it's over-hyped. There are simple tips that can be followed to keep them from breaking.

    • eovery profile image

      eovery 7 years ago from MIddle of the Boondocks of Iowa

      These are nice headphones.

      Keep on hubbing!