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Buy Twilight Inspired Replica Jewelry Online

Updated on July 18, 2011

Which Twilight Jewelry Will Be Yours?

Buy Twilight jewelry online right here- save time and money! Quality Twilight inspired jewelry collection includes Bella's bracelet and other Bella jewelry. Twilight replica engagement rings, Twilight crest jewelry, and other twilight movie jewelry are all here. Browse and decide which piece of Twilight inspired jewelry from the Stephanie Meyers vampire werewolf series will be yours today!

Buy This Collectible Twilight Jewelry Set Replica

Twilight fans will be delighted with this Twilight jewelry set just like the movies!
Twilight fans will be delighted with this Twilight jewelry set just like the movies!

Twilight Jewelry Exclusive! Buy a Twilight Saga New Moon Cullen Crest Replica Complete Jewelry Set! Limited Edition

This awesome, high quality, detailed Twilight Cullen Crest Replica jewelry set can't be bought anywhere else. Plus, the shipping is free! Save yourself gas, time, and get an awesome Twilight gift that won't be found in any store! Or keep it for yourself if you are a Twi-hard fan who loves Twilight and its many characters, including Bella, Edward, Jacob, Esme, Carlisle, and of course, Alice.

This Alice Twilight replica jewelry set comes complete with a limited edition display box. It includes 6 Twilight jewelry pieces, each beautiful and detailed. Perfect for collectors and for anyone that wants to display the lovely Twilight jewelry by wearing it. This Twilight replica jewelry set and collector's item will probably greatly appreciate in value.

This Cullen crest Twilight inspired jewelry set comes with Bella's ring, Esme's cuff bracelet, Rosalie's pendant necklace, Alice's choker, Carlisle's ring, and Edward's cuff. Bella's ring is about a size 6.

What makes this Twilight gift jewelry set even more special, especially for movie fans of Alice or Ashley Green? It includes a personally autographed card of Ashley herself, complete with a photo of her.

There are some complaints about the display box not being very high quality. Others thought the box was pretty nice. It has the Twilight New Moon logo and Cullen crest on its design. Most people agreed that the jewelry set is still awesome and worth the price, even without the box.

Click on the link to get your Twilight Cullen crest jewelry set, or make a Twilight fan or collector deliriously happy!

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Bella (Kristen Stewart) Wearing Her St. Jude Bracelet

Twilight Replica Bella's St. Jude Bracelet

Remember Bella's St. Jude bracelet in the Twilight New Moon movie? This is an exact replica Bella bracelet that is shown in the movie. It is officially licensed and authentic. This bracelet is so cool. It's black and provides protection from St. Jude.

Twilight New Moon Replica Jewelry Rings - Bella's Crest Ring

Wear a Twilight replica of Bella's Crest ring by clicking on the link and buying it today! It can be on your finger in just days.

This Bella Cullen crest ring is authentic Twilight merchandise. The Twilight inspired jewelry is designed like the crest ring that Edward Cullen gives to Bella Swan in the Twilight Saga series by Stephanie Meyers.

The Twilight inspired ring is detailed with an enameled Cullen crest. It is made of heavy metal. It is about size 6-7.

This is a hot Twilight collectible and makes a great gift for any Twilight fan- books or the movies!

Currently, it is almost half off the retail price and is eligible for free shipping! But the offer may not last- Click on the link for details!

Wear a Twilight Inspired Replica Edward Cullen Mason Ring

Does your Twilight fan already have all of the books, movies, and Twilight saga posters? Well, then, consider this Twilight ring just for them. It makes a perfect Twilight gift for fans of the movies or Twilight saga books, boy or girl.

This Twilight replica ring that Edward Cullen wore is sought after by Twilight collectors. This Twilight ring is designed and inspired by the Mason ring that Edward Cullen wore before he was a vampire.

It has a perfect 5 stars out of 5 stars rating by customers. Click on the link for more information about this cool Edward Cullen Twilight inspired ring. Currently marked way down and eligible for free shipping, so order today before the offer ends!

Twilight Inspired Bella Engagement Rings in Gold or Silver

Wear a Twilight inspired Bella engagement ring given to her by her beloved Edward.

Click on the link for more Twilight engagement rings and replica jewelry, including one in silver.

Twilight Movies - Official Twilight Saga Eclipse Trailer

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    • profile image

      Alice 7 years ago

      I have the Alice Cullen choker, where can I get Rosalie's pendent necklace?

    • profile image

      Carolina 8 years ago

      Thank you for the post; great pieces!