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Buying a New TV - Stop Overthinking it!

Updated on August 25, 2011

So you're buying a new tv

You're worried about overpaying, or buying a bad tv, etc. Stop worrying so much. You do not need the latest and greatest everything. Most everything looks great, sounds great, and is large enough to keep you happy.

As I type this, I connected my computer to a VIZIO 42-Inch Full HD 1080p LCD HDTV. I paid about $500 for it, and it's just as good as a TV I saw for $3,150.

When HD TVs first came out, the same TV that I bought probably sold for well over $1,500. With technology ever changing, you don't need to spend that much.

Worried about size?

When I was TV hunting. I thought I needed a 65 inch just because I wanted an awesomely big screen. I went with a 42 inch because it was cheaper, and I was worried about the size of it. Let me tell you, 42 inches is a monster. I know some of the tech geeks will disagree, and people with an already huge TV will like to brag about it, but you don't need anything much bigger than that unless your living room is huge. Even if you want a huge television, you can still get those at a bargain price.

You're best bet, as I said, would be to get a slightly smaller TV and save the money. You can get around 42 inches for around $500 but after that, the price increases to at least $850. I've found some huge TVs that were a deal, such as a 65 inch, 3D TV made by Mitsubishi for about $800 around Christmas time. The reason I didn't go with that was because I was unfamiliar with Mitsubishi and televisions and didn't want to risk getting a bad one.

What Brand should I go with?

My friends and I live by the 3 S's. Samsung, Sony, and Sharp, as well as Vizio. I own a sharp TV as well, and it was about $465 for 42 inches. It's actually my favorite that I own. My friend owns a Sony, and it's got the most beautiful picture I've ever seen, but he paid a bit more for it. My neighbor has a 55 inch Vizio, which is also amazing. I've yet to see someone purchase a TV they were unhappy with, and I'd vouch for those 4 companies any day of the week.

My friend bought a Sony Bravia last year, and my god the picture is amazing. For those of you who look into the specs of TVs, just stop it. The only real difference you will notice is that 1080p has a better picture quality only for televisions larger than about 36 inches than a 720p. And as far as Hz (Hertz) go, it depends on what you like. I think that the more Hz you have, it may look "too" good. It seems like every scene in a movie was taped on a green screen, and the characters stand out from the background. It's very odd, but if that's what you like, you may want to go for it. In my opinion, I like it, but it's not a deal breaker.


Don't stress this too much. LCD is typically cheaper than LED, and lasts longer. LED lighting will have a slightly better picture, but it shouldn't make or break a deal when buying a TV.

Still worried about price?

Amazon will probably have the best deals on a TV if you're looking to buy online. I've bought from Dell who have amazing deals as well, but their interest rates on their credit cards are ridiculous so I try to avoid them.

You can buy a TV you're happy with, as I did, for 500 bucks and if you pay about 100 bucks a month, you'll pay it off quickly. Or you can always wait. As I said before, technology is ever changing. But if you're ready to shop now, head over to Amazon and save yourself a few bucks.


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