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Buzz Of The Day #2 (02/02/2013) -Pond release new song "Giant Tortoise"

Updated on February 2, 2013
Trippy album artwork for the Pond's new song "Giant Tortoise".
Trippy album artwork for the Pond's new song "Giant Tortoise". | Source

An Ocean of Shell-Shocked Acid-Rock

'Ominimorphing' Aussie psych-rock outfit Pond fuse fuzz and stomping melodies to colossal results. Hitting the UK music scene in 2012 thanks to their impact on NME, "Beard, Wives, Denim" (their fourth studio album, but their first one to breakthrough across the pond) was infectious due to its perfect concoction of Pop and Psych-Rock.

Not only is it a puzzler that they named themselves: Pond, when their elephantine sound is more resemblant of an ocean or a tidal wave - their latest offering is named Giant Tortoise. This is also used rather loosely - the song is less slow and more breakneck-fast. The song's explosive start is a tsunami of noise, which leads into a dreamy Tame Impala-eqsue verse before winding into a 70's inspired wall-of-noise solo. On retrospect, naming the track Giant Tortoise may have had some inherent logic - the song is HUGE.

Giant Tortoise will be on Pond's upcoming fifth album: "Hobo Rocket". You can download it for free at and listen to it below. Thanks for reading this article, and please comment/follow @BuzzMusicNews/share e.t.c!


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