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Bye Bye Norman!

Updated on July 16, 2017
Jenbirdpownall profile image

Actress/Writer from Philadelphia, PA diagnosed with 3 inoperable brain tumors and made it my purpose in life to help all with brain tumors.

Bye Bye Norman!

It is very rare for me to be able to sit and watch a tv show without changing the channel or without really paying attention. It takes a lot to grab my attention and it takes a lot more to keep me focused! Well Bates Motel had me glued to my tv for each and every episode that ever aired.

I was hooked from the very first episode! Never in my life did I see such a group of amazing actors and actresses come together in one show and just nail every single performance! Never have a seen such talent exist in all involved in the show.

You can't wait it and not get attached somehow to the characters and actually feel something for them, feel something towards them! I felt so sorry for Norman and Norma--I know Norman was a ruthless killer but yet there I was just wanting for him to get the mental health he needed. I wanted to see him healed and happy and I wanted the same for Norma--his mother.

I wanted to see Dylan, Norman, and Norma be able to coexist together like a somewhat "normal" family. I wanted Caleb to live and stay in Dylan's life. I wanted Amaro and Norma to be together and happy forever.

Well--nothing I wanted happened! But if the things I wanted actually happened then the show would not be as amazing as it was. I looked forward to my Monday nights and I would be at the edge of my seat watching Bates Motel and then I would get anxious for the next episode.

Now let me say something about the very last episode---WATERWORKS WATERWORKS WATERWORKS! I cannot believe the way the show ended and I never had a show make me feel so many emotions in a matter of a few minutes. When Dylan had no other choice but to kill Norman and Norman said thank you to him--then we see Norman running to and uniting with his deceased mother--well I was done! I went through a whole box of tissues! The ending was pure genius!

The cast blew me away--I was so impressed with how talented they all are. And I have to say I better see Freddie Highmore win some awards for his portrayal of Norman Bates--he is on an entire other level of acting.

I'm sad the show is over but I'm happy that there was a show that existed such as Bates Motel that had me glued to the tv and wanting more. It really is tough to say Bye Bye Norman!


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