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Childlike Faith: It Is Good for Them to Have

Updated on March 16, 2018


Having CHILDLIKE FAITH is essential for any child. The key word is faith. Its great a child has faith. Research shows that a child dressed as a superhero makes kids stay on task. In school they can stay focused feeling they can overcome anything. Children cannot learn about faith the way that adults do that’s why childlike faith makes a difference in their lives. When they see their favorite characters on the big screen it gives them confidence. Children need confidence and more self-esteem growing up in this world. It’s best to start early. They want to look like them, act like them and do all like them. Not only does it happen to kids but it happens to adults as well. It is not too late for adults but sometimes when the parents push that Childlike Faith out and say, “It’s not real” their children grow up thinking all is fake. That results in lacking confidence in themselves. Having self-esteem issues. Three movies have made an impact on the young and the old today. Those three are iron man 1 (2008), Iron Man 2 (2010) and Iron Man 3 (2013).

Iron Man

This series began in 2008. The CHILDLIKE FAITH was again revitalized but not only their faith. This franchise revitalized adult’s faith as well. The wealthy Tony Starks played by Robert Downey Jr decides to follow in his father’s footsteps and build a suit to fight crime. Starks was not only rich but her was smart. After his father passed he took it hard and left the company to Obadiah Stane played by Jeff bridges. Starks dreams to have all the material things and latest technology in his home but he wakes up in the mountains surrounded by foreign mass murderers. He saw the mass weapons and they were his own. They wanted to use his weapons for mass destruction and stark’s help would make it happen and they knew it. Starks knew it too. They needed him and he rejected it. Meanwhile, stark builds the iron man suit and destroys the murderer’s headquarters along with the murderers. He has the suit and faith to return like he dreamed he would. He came back ready to fight crime. Before it he lands in the wilderness. The suit did not fly there like he thought it would. A helicopter comes along and takes him home. Bruised and battered he is forced to remake the suit and he makes changes that stane doesn’t like. Stane makes him aware of the dislike but stark is in control. Stane reacts with a suit of his own. Stark remakes the suit and has some friends join him and eliminate stane. Without the faith he obtained while in captivity he may not have done it, he would not have gotten it done.

Iron Man 2

CHILDLIKE FAITH in Iron man was at a high. Kids believed in their fathers more. Their mothers. Calling them iron men and women. This movie reminded them all that iron men and women have enemies and this one was named Ivan Vanko played by Mickey Yourke. Yourke was an ex-convict that did not like Iron man but could not defeat him with normal weapons. So, he created weapons that were just like his. Meanwhile, stark was high after defeating Stane and reclaiming the company. He met celebrities, women and was living the life he dreamed of. One day at a race Vonko appears. He’s finished his suit. This appearance forces iron man to appear. And save the people from Vanko’s rage. Iron man learns what he is dealing with and eventually learns how to defeat him. He defeats Vanko with some help from his friends despite Vanko becoming more powerful.

Iron Man 3

Having the CHILDLIKE FAITH had them see that iron man has power but he knew that he needed help. Especially, since he was getting older. He remembers what happened in Switzerland in 1999 while he was visiting. His arrogance created demons. He had to grow to understand and he did but there were still consequences. Consequences he knew he would suffer so he upgraded his suit. Knowing that a greater evil named Aldrich Killian played by Guy Pearce. Despite him experiencing little health issues he is determining to defeat him. Killian created a virus to help him and wants it to also do the same for the world. He tries to get some of Iron mans close friends to join him but they all reject the opportunity. He also reminds them that he knows stark and offered stark a position as well. Starks knows he is there. He prepares for an epic battle but this battle he is sure will not be what he is used to. Killian is a mastermind at what he does but so is starks. Starks has more help than he did to defeat Vanko. The adjustments he made to his armor and his armor really made things easier.


Children need faith. Yes, we adults know it’s fiction but these comic book characters make them believe in themselves. When they get older it will not be hard. Iron man is the first of the Avengers. Which is an army that he will lead. In Iron Man one what stood out was how even what he had was not good enough to take him out of captivity. In it, he had to have faith and fight. That same faith he kept throughout the movie. In Part two he was aware of his capabilities but seems to lose track a little and forget that evil is still out there. He realizes that he must adjust fast and he does. In Part three he remembers that there are consequences of his past. In doing so he loses a lot but gains a lot as well and defeats his enemy. First off, the fact that he’s called Iron man is symbolic to all mankind. We are created to be strong like GOD is strong. Bible says we are in his image and likeness. He quotes in the first movie that he came from the ashes of captivity. We came from the ashes of dust. In all three of the films he suffered adversity either before or during fighting but he had a support system in place to lift him up. In each film he had friends to help him defeat his enemies. In faith, we cannot think we are all alone and above help. We are here to help each other. In the films he also inspired others. For example, the child in the third movie that was thrilled seeing iron man. He made that child confident enough to help him out.

Do you embrace your child having faith?

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© 2018 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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