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Childlike Faith: There Is a Message in It

Updated on March 15, 2018


In the 1990’s toy cars were big. One of the biggest ones were from came from Galoob in the mid 1980’s. They were bigger in the 80’s than the 90’s. The idea was licensed behind Clemens V Heedeen. Heeden is a toy inventor from Wisconsin. The vehicles were tiny but kids loved them. But the Micro cars could not overshadow Elliot Handler’s Hot wheels. The children loved them just as much. Maybe better. Overtime the cars got cooler. In the 90’s they seem to have gotten craftier with race tracks and cars. They both had cartoons. As time went on the love for them seem to have drift away. That childlike faith that cars can talk and do the normal things humans do every day seemed to have vanished. There was no more fantasy for the children. They saw cars still racing in movies like fast N Furious, Death Race and each racing movie you can name. In 2006 Disney and Pixar decided to resurrect it with the debut of Cars and continued it in 2011 and 2017.


Cars starred a race car called Lightning McQueen voiced by Owen Wilson. McQueen is a charismatic, charming and great racing car. In this film they made the cars talk. When they walked they drove? This film definingly resurrected that CHILDLIKE FAITH. They made every car act human but kept it realistic at the same time. Seeing this movie even attracted adults. McQueen is a mesmerizing racer but after this race for the Piston Cup he is caught up in a three-way tie between two other vehicles. The tie breaker race is scheduled in a week so McQueen has some training to do. McQueen heads to California to train. He ends up in another town they call radiator springs and no one knows anything about it. Those of the town had FAITH that they will be known again and McQueen was their way. Meanwhile, McQueen finds a way to prepare for the upcoming race. McQueen prepares well but loses the race but morally he wins it. He puts radiator springs on the map again. After this movie they sold toys of the best characters. All the children purchasing them thought those toys can talk.

Cars 2

That CHILD LIKE faith in toy cars was resurrected in just one film. During those years after the first film cartoons were made and toys were sold. Disney resurrected what was lost and in 2011 they kept it going. Kids were raging to meet the new cars they had in store. McQueen took the cars he befriended to a to a new country he was invited to. He was invited to be in the Grand Prix in Tokyo. Little does he know a crime is brewing and he and his friends will solve it. One of his friends Mater voiced by Larry The Cable Guy is the first to realize it after hearing about it from two spies at the race. After losing the first race they travel to Italy. Mater finds out from the criminals themselves that they are going to Kill McQueen. Not in Italy but at the next race in London. Mater, being the friend that looks to save McQueen. It takes him believing in himself and McQueen having faith in him to get it done. After he saves McQueen he also exposes the mastermind behind it all.

Cars 3

By this time not only is McQueen one of the hottest toys around it is Mater also. He even has his own show called Mater’s tall tales. Disney did a great job keeping the CHILDLIKE FAITH going in the children. They did not need to make another for six years because they made sure it carries its own after being off the big screen for a while. In the third they all came back. Lightening McQueen motivates himself before another race and gets some advice from his mentor that’s passed away. He meets another car that discourages him a little because it is younger and faster than he is. Rookie Jackson Storm who is voiced by Armies Hammer. Storm beats him in the race. McQueen did not see it coming. The second race he seems to be more prepared but something worse happens. He gets into an accident. Immediately, he is counted out. He goes to Radiator Springs to recover. He takes it so hard he isolates himself from his friends. McQueen sees what is happening and remembers that the same happened to his mentor which forced him into retirement. It made doc quit racing for good but McQueen was not going to let the same thing happen to him. He trained and stepped to the plate. He finds a place and another car to help him train. That car also informs him that they always wanted to be a racer. On the day of the race McQueen started but let that car finish it. That car got to be the racer it always wanted to be because McQueen believed it could.


All the cars movies are favorites to families. In each one they fulfilled multiple goals. They writers established what they wanted to get kids back to having CHILDLIKE FAITH but they also told them to always believe in yourself no matter what. In Cars one the message came when he went to radiator springs. He went there and saw his faith was needed elsewhere and the part about it is he did not want to go. He tried to rush out because of the discomfort, the unusual territory. In the end he saw a need. Something similar happened in Part two. He went to Tokyo to challenge another car in a race but ended up solving a crime that saved the lives of others. In Part three he saw a faster car and that he was getting older. He had an accident. Went and trained to get back and found out that there is a dream another is trying to fulfill. He had to have faith in another and in the end, he did. He did the same at the end of the other films. With faith you will have disappointments. Hurts and Pains you do not understand and when you do not understand it you will keep running into a wall and find it. McQueen ran into walls in all these movies before finding out in the end that it is not about him. That’s what happens when you operate in faith. There is discomfort but in it is always a message. You just must get it.

Pixars Planes

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© 2018 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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