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Cadillac Records: A Movie Review

Updated on October 13, 2011

renting a movie

One of the world's great inventions was the VCR player and, of course, the video cassette to play. Movies were available to take home and be watched in the comfort of your own home, sure the screen was much smaller, but no lineups and no rubbing elbows with strangers as you attempted to get comfortable.

The VCR has vanished, for the most part and the technology has evolved considerably since those early days. You have been able to put together your own home entertainment centre for some years now.

We rent movies most weekends and usually go for the three movies for three days for just over three dollars. These are films that for the most part are a minimum of two years old which is fine by us.

I enjoy the short walk to the rental store, chatting with the staff, maybe picking up some penny candy or popcorn and now and then stopping by Tim Horton's for a coffee on the way home.

My sister-in-law is also a movie buff and we exchange stories about what we have watched. She prefers independent films and our local rental store does not have that many.

Our tastes run from muscials to romantic comedies to action-adveture, basically if its a good story with a pace it is fine.

This past Friday I was heading to the local small grocer and after picking up some bread and cheese decided to stop into the video store just across the street.

Little Walter

Mos Def as Chuck Berry

the movie

I decided to cruise the new movie section to see if there was anything I'd be willing to pay $4.00 for one night for and there were several possibilities but then I saw Cadillac Records. My sister-in-law had just mentioned this and said the music was excellent. I had to gvie it a try, I mean when you have a movie that features the music of Muddy Waters, Howlin Wolf, Little Walter, Chuck Berry and the magnificent Etta James you just got to take a chance.

The story is fairly straightforward it tells how Chess Records came into being and the performers that Chess out under contract during the early 1960s. Chess Reords was started by Leonard Chess and his brother Phil. The Chess Brothers formed Aristocrat Records in 1947 and The Chess label followed two years later.

The people who Chess signed were fundamental to the Birth of rock & roll and, Chess introduced many Americans to blues and R&B.

Leonard Chess was played by Adrien Brody while Jeffrey Wright was Muddy Waters, Columbus Short was Little Walter, Eamonn Walker, Howlin' Wolf, Cedric the Entertainer narrated and played Willie Dixon , Mos Deff, Chuck Berry and Beyonce Knowles as Etta James.

The acting was sound,these are talented performers but it was the music that blew me away.

I have been an Etta James fan for many years and knew little about Knowles, I saw Dreamgirls and did not like it, so I was a bit apprehensive. This was misplaced, Beyonce blew me away. I can still hear her singing what may be the greatest and saddest love song of all time. I'd Rather Go Blind.The depth and power of her voice is haunting.

This is a great rental film, especially if you love music and rock & roll; Cadillac Records takes you back to the roots and shows where it all began. Rent and enjoy.


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  • Bob Ewing profile imageAUTHOR

    Bob Ewing 

    9 years ago from New Brunswick

    No, there are none available in the rental store.

  • white atlantic profile image

    white atlantic 

    9 years ago from INDIA

    do u see bollywood movies?


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