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Cakes Takes Fantasy Island 2020 Movie Review

Updated on May 24, 2020
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Caila went to Meremac-STL for journalism and has been writing for most of her life.

The Island

Fantasy Island (2020) movie poster
Fantasy Island (2020) movie poster | Source

Fantasy Island (2020) Movie Review

So I watched this movie when it first came out earlier this year in 2020. I couldn't say that I was very excited to watch it, only because I never really watched the TV show that much as a kid. So I definitely watched it without much expectations or false pretenses because I can't remember the old episodes I know I have seen of the old show. However, the potential of a good story was there but wasn't exercised fully to me. Immediately, this came off to me as an unnecessary, unasked for, parodied version of the show. Really makes me wish for the "what could have been" with such a great idea for a plot for a movie (or an old TV show for that matter). Comes off as very Twilight Zone-ish and I love that about it, but this movie did nothing with that idea to me.

It seemed to me like a lot of the film was trying to take itself seriously and have moments of humor like a parody would at the same time. So I could not always tell the tone they were going for or the vibe they were trying to create there. It went from being sometimes, in my opinion, a comedy, to a parody, to a drama, to a fantasy movie. It just did not know what it wanted to be to me as a film. Some of the humor was a bit stale for me and the jokes didn't always stick. Maybe that was because it felt to me like the director depended on the actor's ability to improv during a scene more than the script having actual funny writing and dialogue that pertained to the plot in it. I do like that they did add things to the movie that I know were famous from the TV show and changed them up a bit just for their own spin on it or for the background of the story or character. It did expand certain character's stories and make them seem more prominent than they actually were to the overall story as a whole.

With that being said, I had a hard time trying to decide whether I thought this movie was stupid or not. I've come to the decision that it was a silly movie that didn't know what it wanted to do or be, with unneeded twists and turns to try and make the story better. It set rules in place just to break them afterwards and just felt like it had a load of things going on as a film with the plot. I like the idea of multiple storylines converging into one bigger story, more importantly in one film, if it seems organic. A lot of the movie, at the end, did not make sense to me, and half of it didn't entertain me, as much as it felt to me like a wasted good idea for a better story.

This movie as a whole just seemed like a plot that was slapped together for the sake of a remake, which makes me mad. I had remakes for the sake of it, especially when it's not something that ever needed to be remade (or remembered right now, because it was never that old to begin with) in the first place. Those kinds of movies, while they tend to make a lot of money, simply because people want to see how they can mess this idea or old movie up, but they're hardly ever as good as the original ever was to begin with. I do wish that this film had used all of its potential for the story to be cool. It had cool elements, like the idea of being careful with hubris in your wishes and in what you say or put out into the universe, but not everyone's storyline lived up to everyone else's in the film. This made it hard to like these all coming together anyway for any reason.

The way the character's plots all ended up being tied together in the end kind of made me annoyed at the success of having a universe or a story that comes together over the course of completely different storylines all making one big one in a single plot. This film seemed like it was trying to do that, but did it badly instead. I'd say if you're just a downright fan of the old TV show then it may be your thing because it's meant for nostalgia. While it doesn't pander to the old audience as much as it could, there are moments directed towards that crowd who used to watch the show, but in an updated way. Watch it if you are that audience or if you have nothing better to do or watch at that time and can chuckle from cheaper laugh comedy and a 'meh' plot.


Would you be willing to accept the side effects/bad situations that come with having your #1 wish granted no matter what it was?

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1 star for Fantasy Island 2020 Movie


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