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Cakes Takes Knives Out Movie Review

Updated on June 24, 2020
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Caila went to Meremac-STL for journalism and has been writing for most of her life.

Knives Out (2019)

Knives Out movie/theatrical release poster
Knives Out movie/theatrical release poster | Source

Knives Out Movie Review

So I got to watch most of this gem the other day and I was actually really excited to see this film. From the moment I had seen the previews a month or so prior, I thought that the movie looked like an updated version of the movie and the game Clue. I loved that about it! I also love a good murder mystery and whodunnit plot. This movie is just a modern day version of that! It has loads to praise with its plot and plethora of ranging characters to love or dislike.

With all of the stars having to be on screen with one another a lot, I noticed that they all seemed like they had known each other for years. Most of them had really good on screen chemistry. They gain this sense of family, friendship, love, and hatred through the act of bickering. The fights, arguments and back and forth confrontations are all over something that people normally fight over in real life anyway: money and inheritance. Greed and the want of money is what drives the entire plot, as would most murder mysteries. That is a classic premise for a movie, nothing new, but it is always the spin on things that you put into it or how you make something regular into something special. It's definitely not your Scooby-Doo, murder mystery gang movie, but it is very charming and for adults. The cast is all very well put together and matched one another in talent to me usually. They all did their jobs well and really seemed like they were who they were supposed to be acting as. They each fit into their role so well.

The film also had me ecstatic to watch as well because this was Chris Evans' first big role beyond the Shield of Captain America! So different from what we've come to know him as for the past 10 years as fans. I mean, I met him in the movie, 'Not Another Teen Movie' and again in 'Fantastic 4' back in the day before he was a household name. To watch what he's become as an actor to our culture and pop culture is pretty awe inspiring, as is with most of the actors and actresses in the MCU. So it was on my movie list of things to watch, to see what he did next as an actor after he left the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) behind. He did an outstanding job in his role as one of the main characters of the story! It was nice to actually see him outside of a role of Marvel's, Captain America, where I know he won't be coming back to it afterwards to change my mind of how else he can act.

I had actually heard at some point, and this may have or may not have been a rumor, that Evans was planning on taking a break from acting and have it take a backseat to producing or directing or just taking a break from Hollywood acting altogether for a while. Although, when I heard that he was going to continue with this movie after that, it made me glad to see that hopefully that WAS just a rumor. He proves time and time again that when he has a good script or something good to go off of, he can act. And not only can he act, but he commands just as much screen presence as an actor twice his age or acting career, such as Jamie Lee Curtis or Daniel Craig, who were both absolutely great in the film as well. Young actor, Jaeden Martell is also coming up as an actor and did well in this movie, yet to me, had less presence in the movie next to such huge names, possibly because of his age.

Everything, though, seemed to make sense within the story line and the grandiose reveal at the end was not as corny like some film's climactic scenes. However, it was a bit over the top enough to make it special and stand out from a crowd. The movie, to me, had such a good sense of style, class and a modern day charm to it. The small humorous bits sprinkled in there completely work with the type of style this movie has. I almost felt rich and classy watching these people but not in a pretentious uppity way. The only point that did not all the way make film sense to me, was the solution for the problem of the film, and how the logic that they used to come to it. I can't say that it was not just movie logic, but it isn't something that I could look over either. But it isn't glaring to me, so I acknowledged it, but I left it alone for the most part of deciding what I thought of the film as a whole.

All of these different aspects of the movie mixed together makes for an enjoyable time, with a few twists and turns you do not see right away when you first watch it. It is tied into the movie logic, but get past that and you have yourself a really good film. Rian Johnson, the director of the movie, directed a very well put together neatly bow-tied project! So much so, that it's almost surprising that this is the same director that came in and botched one of the new Star Wars film, to the degree that people felt like he almost ruined the universe of it all. However, this movie has redeemed him and his directing career for any naysayers. Definitely WORTH a watch! I don't think it begs for the sequel that they were apparently planning on giving this movie, but it was absolutely worth watching a first and second time overall.

Actors and Production Team

Production Team
Production Companies
Chris Evans
Rian Johnson (director and producer)
Lionsgate (distribution company)
Jamie Lee Curtis
Ram Bergman (producer)
MRC (production company)
Daniel Craig
Steve Yedlin (cinematographer)
T-Street (production company)
Jaeden Martell
Rob Ducsay (editor)
Ana De Armas
Nathan Johnson (music)
Michael Shannon
Don Johnson
Toni Collette
Christopher Plummer
Katherine Langford
Lakeith Stanfield

Knives Out movie production team and actors. A star studded cast playing a dysfunctional family.


The thing that I did not fully understand was at the very end of the film, where they decided that the nurse's main alibi for not mixing up the grandfather's medicines and killing him was because she had done his medicines so much that she could've done it without even looking basically. Like what sense does that REALLY make? Like even if you're good at what you do, you still have to have some sense of using your eyes and reading ability to do it usually. It was like the movie's logic is saying that she couldn't have done it because her memory for what the medicine looked like. I just feel like that's not a good enough excuse and probably wouldn't stand up in court and that blows tf out of me, but I got over it. Lol! What did you guys think of that part of how they explained the whodunnit part of the murder? And what did you think of Chris Evans being the killer at the end of the movie? Do you think it was too much to get away from his Captain America character or do you feel it was just enough? Let me know what you think in the comments section below and on the voting poll at the bottom!

Knives Out Movie Poll

Do you like Rian Johnson's work as a director?

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Knives Out Movie Rating- A DIAMOND!!!

4 stars for Knives Out movie


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