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Cakes Takes on Child's Play (2019) (Movie Review)

Updated on July 25, 2020
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Caila went to Meremac-STL for journalism and has been writing for most of her life.

Child's Play (2019)

The theatrical release and promotional poster for the horror remake of Child's Play.
The theatrical release and promotional poster for the horror remake of Child's Play. | Source

Child's Play (2019) Movie Review

So I watched the remake of this horror slasher classic back in 2019 and I thought it was okay. Remakes can be hard, as you have to stay true to the original property but also change it enough to make it your own and to make it even worth remaking. They did a good job with updating a lot of the elements from the first movie so they can attract modern audiences, but still had the Chucky name and slasher feel to it that we all know from the 90’s to keep the past audiences on the scent as well. I think they got the mix of everything right, but something about the movie wasn't there for me like the original Child’s Play movie was.

I did love the update of the Chucky doll taking technology as its weapon, instead of using spiritualism, magic and spells to terrorize and kill. That part of the old movie always weirded me out, that it dealt so heavily in spirit magic. It made sense and it stuck for all of the rest of the movies, but I never liked it regardless though. The Chucky Doll is now something like an Alexa for the home, but kids can use it. The doll connects to everything in the home, can turn on and off your lights and technology, and other things. This is all is far more power than a child should ever hold in a household but the kids get access to all of this in the movie. I like this update, but I did still find issues with it, even with my disbelief suspended. The concept of the plot also only made more questions arise that probably have common sense answers but aren't explained in the movie at all. So it creates small plot holes and things that are wrong with the story for me. The gore and the way Chucky killed this time around was way more graphic and elaborate sometimes but made for a good movie experience. It also made sense as to the kind of access that he has to everything in the house and around him via the internet and wifi, so that was a very cool modern idea to me.

I can't say that I was overly impressed with anything, least of all the storyline and the solution that they all get to at the end. Even before I saw this movie I was confident in Mark Hamill's voice acting as the Chucky doll. His voice acting work is almost more known than him being the main character, Luke Skywalker, in the old Star Wars films! He nails it every single time, and I was happy that they could get someone to fill Brad Dourif’s shoes, who has always voiced the role of Chucky, as far as I knew growing up and watching these Child’s Play films. I didn't love the new look of the Chucky doll, as he looked too sleek and creepy to me even before he turned evil, but at times I didn't hate it either, like the moments where he looked and sounded innocent. The new doll almost reminded me of a child, as he never asked to be made evil and sees nothing wrong in the things that he does and messes up. He only wants to help and protect, but doesn’t know much better than what he hears and sees. The new doll is a product of its environment and tapping into its systems to make it that way. He has to learn. I also liked the mother and son dynamic of the new Andy and his young good looking mom. It is very up to date looking and it gave the movie a sense of realness to me because a lot of mothers nowadays do have babies very young and sometimes it is weird to see a parent and their child standing next to each other when they could almost pass for siblings instead.

Overall, there wasn't enough of a good story to be a memorable piece. I honestly felt like I was forgetting a lot of the movie as I wrote this anyway. So I'm glad I didn't go to the theaters to see it, but it was worth a watch at home though. I applaud the film for trying to add more to the story, for being different and not just taking the same exact movie and making it all over again, and being somewhat entertaining, but not for its lazy writing and the way it gets to the entertaining parts. If you have time to watch it at home or on cable and were a friend of the old franchise back in the 80’s and 90’s, I’d say check it out, but it is very different from the original and following content that was produced before it.

Good Guy Doll Chucky (OG)

The Good Guy Doll used for the original Child's Play film back in 1988. Fun Fact: Chucky the Killer Doll was based on another doll named Robert that is said to be haunted.
The Good Guy Doll used for the original Child's Play film back in 1988. Fun Fact: Chucky the Killer Doll was based on another doll named Robert that is said to be haunted. | Source

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Actors, Actresses, and Production

Production Team
Production Companies
Mark Hamill
Lars Klevberg (director)
Orion Pictures (production company)
Aubrey Plaza
David Katzenberg (producer)
KatzSmith Productions (production company)
Gabriel Bateman
Seth Grahame-Smith (producer)
BRON Creative (production company)
Brian Tyree Henry
Tyler Burton Smith (screenplay writer)
United Artists Releasing (distribution company)
Bear McCreary (music)
Brendan Uegama (cinematography)
Tom Elkins (editor)

The teams of people that went into creating this classic movie remake, Child's Play!

This movie is a GEM!

3 stars for Child's Play (2019) movie

Money! Money! Money! Money!

So this movie was made on a $10 million budget and ended up grossing back around $45 million, which is 4 and a half times what it took to create the movie! That is good for this mediocre movie to me! It grossed its double back and made double of that too! For the quality of this movie, I’d say that is better than what was expected of it. But you are dealing with a well known and well loved horror franchise that has stood since the late 80’s. So it’s not hard to see where all the money came from; the fans who have loved this franchise since its conception.


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