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Cakes Takes on Shazam! (Movie Review)

Updated on August 5, 2020
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Caila went to Meremac-STL for journalism and has been writing for most of her life.


The promotional and theatrical release poster for the 2019 movie Shazam!
The promotional and theatrical release poster for the 2019 movie Shazam! | Source

Shazam! Movie Review

SO, the DC Extended Universe doesn’t have the best reputation with the cinematic universe they’ve been trying to create ever since it’s conception. Wonder Woman was a saving grace for their universe as far as film making and world building was concerned. However, they have made a slight comeback with this movie as well! It has quickly become one of the best films of the DCEU, not that it was hard to do in the first place, but they’ve put a good foot forward with this! Shazam! incorporated so much more than the commercials led me to believe.

I thought it would be a little bit corny to be honest, but there weren’t very many cheesy moments throughout the film to make me cringe. The movie follows a young orphan teenage boy, Billy, who gains the superpowers and the adult body of a God basically through saying the word, Shazam, from encountering a dying wizard and being chosen as his champion. Not only has he inherited the wizard’s many different powers he also gets his problems from a vendetta from a man who encountered the same wizard years before that and was not chosen. Billy also has to deal with other things that teens have to be bothered with in school, except on a bigger and sadder scale. He is also looking for his biological mother, who he sadly finds never wanted him in the first place, while trying to get along with his new adoptive family and figure out his new superpowers. Although it dealt with dark topics, the movie never took itself seriously to where it felt like it was the dark and gritty movies such as the Batman or Superman franchises. You still realize though that Shazam does take place in this same universe as those other movies because of the film’s purposeful and plentiful reference to them.

The film had a refreshing line of characters and cast to play them. Its blended adoptive family segments were some of the most heartwarming parts of the entire movie. Some of the dialogue and meaning behind the messages in the film gave it meaning to me because it was relevant to my past and it resonated with me in some sort of way. One of my favorite parts of this film is the fact that we had a villain whose ambition for power wasn’t entirely evil, and although we don’t get to see any of his transition through his life, we still can find a way to feel sorry for him and his side of the plot of the story. Zachary Levi plays a great adult version of Billy and really captures how a teenager would act in the situations he ends up getting himself into. It's very funny to watch! The ending of the movie definitely latches onto that corniness that I was thinking would happen in the beginning of the movie. It wasn’t overly corny, but what happened could have been saved for the sequel that they’re obviously going to do since this movie did so well in theaters when it came out. I think that could have been a good premise for a second film, but the fact that they squeezed it into this one wasn’t bad, but I do think that it overpacked the movie for no reason a little bit.

The DCEU’s formula of giving good characters their own standalone films, establishing most of their powers and personality traits, and that they are a part of a larger universe, without throwing it in our faces and then eventually merging them into the larger picture of everything. This is the only thing they’re getting correct right now, and not even with every movie, just within the past couple of years with Wonder Woman, Aquaman and now this movie! However, Shazam was definitely a success in my book by far and definitely worth the watch, especially for the DCEU, this is a rare win!

The Comic Book Counterpart

Comic Book version of Billy as Shazam!
Comic Book version of Billy as Shazam! | Source

Shazam! Movie Poll! VOTE NOW!!!

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Actors, Actresses, and Production

Production Team
Production Companies
Zachary Levi
David F. Sandberg (director)
DC Films (production company)
Asher Angel
Peter Safran (producer)
New Line Cinema (production company)
Mark Strong
Henry Gayden (story and screenplay writer)
The Safran Company (production company)
Jack Dylan Grazer
Bill Parker and C.C. Beck (Captain Marvel writers; movie based on their comic)
Seven Bucks Production (production company)
Djimon Hounsou
Darren Lemke (story writer)
Warner Bros. Pictures (distribution company)
Benjamin Wallfisch (music)
Maxime Alexandre (cinematography)
Michel Aller (editor)

The teams of people and help that went into the April 5th 2019 release of the movie, Shazam!

This movie is a DIAMOND!!!

4 stars for Shazam! Movie

Money! Money! Money! Money!

This movie took about $100 million to make and that is kind of large for a budget in most cases, however it did end up grossing back more than 3 times as much with $366 million total in sales! This is great for the DCEU because it looks good on their resume after all. People are going to go see their films in their universe regardless, I believe, however, they don't have to like them all. But this movie helped them out with that.


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