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Cakes Takes on Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker SPOILER Movie Review

Updated on July 9, 2020
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Caila went to Meremac-STL for journalism and has been writing for most of her life.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

The promotional and theatrical release poster for the Rise of Skywalker movie.
The promotional and theatrical release poster for the Rise of Skywalker movie. | Source

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker SPOILER Movie Review

So I saw this movie on opening night when it first came out because it was such a hyped up film, I didn't want anybody to ruin it for me and vice versa. It honestly took me a while to figure out how I felt about this movie and to get my thoughts about it together after I saw it. As a fan of the Skywalker saga, I think that it was very important for them to close out this final chapter as tightly as possible but they did not wrap the metaphorical bow on it neatly enough for me. It was like they just went Christmas shopping the day before and threw some wrapping paper on it the night Santa was supposed to come, if everyone can follow me here.

I have major issues with the flaws of the film, whether it be bad story pacing, story points that have been hit by other more successful movies just this year, no character development for most people in the film, and just lack of imagination for storytelling. I am not one of the people that hate the film specifically because it did not end the way that I wanted it to end, but I did find flaws with the way that they decided to end everything in this movie. The Rise of Skywalker is a deceiving title when it really tells the end of the family line of the Skywalkers, but it also ruins one of those storylines for me entirely by reviving a longtime villain to the Star Wars sagas in Emperor Palpatine. In the very beginning of the film, we see that he is still alive and he has been at work for the past few decades that he was presumed dead for. He has still been using the Force and his power to manipulate people and things to his will, one of which being Kylo Ren this entire time (with Snoke being a figment from Palpatine’s creation). Palpatine has been building an enormous army of Star Destroyers, he calls The Final Order. Now, I don’t mind that Palpatine is the overall villain/big bad for all 3 trilogies, however, I do feel that since Darth Vader supposedly killed him in the final movie of the first set of three movies, I think it undercuts that storyline a lot and for no reason. Having Palpatine come back for the next storyline makes Anakin’s redemption story to save his son seem weaker, and his death was in vain, since Palpatine came back anyway.

From there we see that Rey has gotten strong with the Force and it shows, like the structure that most of these movies take by the third film. Her bond that she shares with Kylo Ren is being weaponized again and used against her and her friends for him to find and kill her, as they seek a Sith Wayfinder. We run into different familiar faces as they make their way to different planets, like Lando Calrissian (with the still smooth and cool Billy Dee Williams reprising his longtime role as the character). In one of the fight scenes with Rey and friends against Kylo’s troops, we even get to see the biggest clue, that led to a big shocker for most regarding Rey’s parentage, that she can produce Force Lightning. She blows up a ship that they believe has Chewbacca on it, as he was captured on a ship moments before just like the one she destroyed. THIS was also one of the flaws of the film to me. Why go through all of that for him to just not be dead, but on a different ship at the end, and again it undercut how much emotion COULD HAVE driven the movie if Chewy HAD died in that moment by Rey’s hands on accident. That would’ve been an amazing moment for the audience to see in my opinion and there was no real reason to not have him dead other than for him to finally get a medal at the end of the movie. By then, it’s a load of running around and just saying a lot of nothing to me in this film. The movie eventually began to just feel like a big long chase scene.

Eventually, Kylo Ren turns back to Ben Solo through the love of his mother from her reaching out to him via the Force in one final effort to get his heart back to the light. He feels her dying and it changes him as a person. Rey ends up confronting Palpatine on another planet and she gets some help from Ben. Palpatine wants to use her body as a way to continue his life after she kills him. When she is losing the fight, she hears ghosts of Jedi past who all come to aid her in battle and give her the strength she needs to finally end Palpatine. Very, VERY, VERY corny. I didn’t love the ending at all. And then at the very end, she and Ben share a random ass kiss just because she knew he was good again, I guess? I mean there was nothing there to suggest a romantic relationship between them before ever, so for it to just be shoved in with this movie, felt awkward. She even goes out of her way in a movie to tell him to put a shirt on when they’re Force Skyping, so it shows that she was never really interested in him that way, and he only wanted her for nefarious purposes, so that kiss was really just someone’s decision to be put in there even if it didn’t make sense. Also, within the movie, they made it seem like Finn had something to tell Rey the whole time, almost like he loved her or something and then, he just did nothing with it. After he sees Rey and Ben kiss he REALLY does nothing with it. So his role is literally reduced down in this film to just screaming her name and looking like he’s going to cry most of the time.

My thing about the fact that he never got to tell her what he was going to say was another problem that I noticed with this film. The gaps and dropped storylines. Rose, who everyone hated in the last film, was completely made into a side character in this movie, and they do nothing with her character besides give her a couple of boring lines and have to end up guessing and going with what the actors and producers have said in interviews outside of the film, about what Finn was going to tell Rey the entire time. I felt that it shouldn’t be so hard to at least slip in a line that explained some things. I did like the very ending where after Rey defeats Palpatine with both Skywalker lightsabers (Luke’s and Leia’s), she goes and buries them both at Luke’s uncle’s old home on Tatooine, after she had already made her own from her bow staff. An old lady sees her burying the lightsabers and asks who she is. Rey can see Luke and Leia’s Force ghosts in the background and she tells the old lady that she is ‘Rey Skywalker’. I love that parallel from the first movie where she never even had a last name to give at first and now she went from that to finding out her true parentage as Palpantine’s granddaughter and now defining her name herself, and calling herself a Skywalker. I like the message that you can be born into anything, but you choose who you are and who your family truly is in life. But that was as far as I’ll go with that because most of the rest of the movie felt as though it got the Game of Thrones style ending where it feels rushed and thrown together just to hurry and be finished with everything.

Now, for them to have a switch in directors in the second movie and a lot to be made up for with JJ Abrams coming back to patch everything up again with the third film, he did a good job for what he had. It must be difficult to start a movie trilogy, have someone fill in for you for the second movie, they change everything and create their own new world to this already amazing world that has so much lore to it, people hate it, and then you have to come back and clean up their mess as the director of the third film. That’s why I applaud JJ Abrams for taking his time to at least know the material he was working with and to fix as much as he could when he did come back on for the third film. As a fan of the movie going experience, you will like this movie, but if you’re a big fan of Star Wars, then you may be disappointed with this movie. I feel both and I’m glad that I didn’t spend my money for it, but I was still happy to see it nonetheless and it was still entertaining. It is sad that the movies for this historic franchise has downgraded in the 2000’s to everyone but these new sets of films in the 2010’s seem to make everybody wonder if the prequels were REALLY THAT bad.

Actors, Actresses, and Production

Production Team
Production Companies
Daisy Ridley
George Lucas (characters and inspiration)
Lucasfilm Ltd. (production company)
Adam Driver
JJ Abrams (director, screenplay writer, story writer, and producer)
Bad Robot Productions (production company)
Carrie Fisher
Kathleen Kennedy (producer)
Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures (distribution company)
Mark Hamill
Michelle Rejwan (producer)
John Boyega
Chris Terrio (screenplay and story writer)
Oscar Isaac
Derek Connolly (story writer)
Anthony Daniels
Colin Trevorrow (story writer)
Naomi Ackie
John Williams (music)
Lupita Nyong'o
Dan Mindel (cinematography)
Keri Russell
Maryann Brandon (editor)
Billy Dee Williams
Stefan Grube (editor)
Domhnall Gleeson
Richard E. Grant
Joonas Suotamo
Ian McDiarmid
Kelly Marie Tran

These are the actors, actresses and production crews that went into making the final film in the Skywalker saga in the last installment in the Star Wars franchise for now!

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This movie is a Diamond in the Rough.

2 stars for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker movie


This movie cost around $275 million to make and it ended up grossing over $1 billion in total! That is more than double the amount that it cost to make the film so I wouldn't be surprised if everyone on set everyday left with a pretty penny to their name for their work on the project! With this being a Star Wars movie nonetheless, it really wasn't shocking at all that it made so much, especially with how much people love to go to the movies nowadays!


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    • Communicake profile imageAUTHOR

      Caila Daniels 

      12 months ago from Chicago

      I’m glad enjoyed it!!! You’re absolutely right though! Nothing is beyond criticism.

    • Guckenberger profile image

      Alexander James Guckenberger 

      12 months ago from Maryland, United States of America

      I personally loved the film, but I understand that nothing is beyond criticism.

    • Communicake profile imageAUTHOR

      Caila Daniels 

      12 months ago from Chicago

      Thanks Matt! I really hated that it had to go like this but it's the best they could do with what they had, I believe! Trying to make the best of a bad situation is a good route to take after you've acknowledged what's wrong and how to fix it. So I'm happy they did some good with the movie. Just disappointed overall. Haha!

    • Gunslinger4881 profile image

      Matt Brown 

      12 months ago from Pasadena

      Great synopsis, I agree with everything you said!


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