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Cakes Takes on The King of Staten Island Movie Review

Updated on July 5, 2020
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Caila went to Meremac-STL for journalism and has been writing for most of her life.

The King of Staten Island

Pete Davidson on the cover of the promotional poster for the movie The King of Staten Island.
Pete Davidson on the cover of the promotional poster for the movie The King of Staten Island. | Source

The King of Staten Island Movie Review

So I watched this movie the other night and I thought Pete Davidson would be more charming as a character and that’s what led me to watch it more. I had heard that it was a semi-autobiographical movie based on Pete’s life, so I thought that maybe this role would be likeable for him. BUT BOY, was I wrong! For me, I hated the character Pete played as Scott. HATED HIM!!! However, that quality about him was what made him more likeable at the end, I think. I think everyone knows someone like Scott or has one in their everyday life like him, who are still somewhat cool people, which makes him relatable as a character if not anything else. The movie was like watching a well told small section of Pete’s life, it seemed so realistic. The title of the film shows you how the character views himself behind his own rose colored glasses about life and the world after his father died. The movie shows a theme of showing you how toxic trauma can make you if you allow it to and don’t decide to move forward in life from it, and how change affects some of us. It is a tough world growing up under pain that you didn’t even cause or can’t do anything about and never could.

Scott is a 24 year old, with no vision of where he is going in life, no job, smokes weed all day long with his loser ass friends, and has a deep bitterness and depression due to his father dying during 9/11 on the job as a firefighter when he was just a kid. Bitter might be an understatement. He allows the emotion to run his life and lets it overwhelm how he comes across as a person, like a victim playing person would. He is almost to the point of killing himself and self harm in the very first scene of the movie, so his depression is evident and real, not just for the dramatics. With that being said, Scott is a LOSER who doesn’t even try! Sometimes it becomes hard to even see his side of the story because his way of thinking is just SOOO SELFISH and uncaring of others around him. He tends to forget that he is not the only person dealing with the loss of his father. He has a little sister that doesn’t even remember her father as a result of his death, and a mother, played brilliantly by Marisa Tomei, who was left a young widow, who also had to deal with the death of her husband as well. She is sending her daughter through to go away for college and her daughter is mostly reluctant to be excited about her new journey in life, because of her brother and his outlandish behavior, bothering their mother while she’ll be away. She is right, as the time comes for her to go off to college, Scott becomes more and more reckless and has pulled back from his mother emotionally because he can’t handle his sister leaving.

This brings the story to push forward because of his selfishness and failure and refusal to grow up and be an adult. He actually begins to fault his mother for choosing to move forward with her life after 17 years of mourning her late husband. It really shows you how toxic and warped he has made his brain to think that he is the victim in her wanting to just live her life again as she wants to. Scott claims to like tattooing and has tattooed a lot, but BADLY, so badly that his friends don’t want to let him tattoo them anymore. His tattoos are literally the running shits. They’re so bad that you wouldn’t think that he had a passion for it at all honestly, so it makes you wonder why the hell he even wants to try with that. He also by this point has driven off his girlfriend by playing the toxic role of not wanting a relationship, but wanting to do relationship stuff until the girl wants to be serious about what you two are actually doing! It is infuriating to see because fuckboys are a real thing right now and you shouldn’t play with people’s hearts. I’ve seen it happen in real life to friends and I’ve had it happen to me as well, so I really felt for her character emotionally. They’ve also been friends for YEARS and are clearly perfect for each other, so it REALLY makes you wonder why he’s so scared to just love her and be together, even though you kind of already are. Classic fuckboy stuff. Very annoying to watch on screen so up to date and real life.

The movie makes it almost blatant for me to hate his character because he is such a self pitying victim playing loser with no self motivation who leeches at an age where he should be learning about himself and exploring his options in life and what he can do. It fully shows him being more than a loser but a narcissistic loser in a way. HOWEVER, this is a journey based and is about the steps that it takes for a character to grow at the end of the day (movie). I do not feel like we get a real high for the movie as most journeys movies go on and finish on. It seems as if the movie is mostly about his lows so the structure of the movie is very weird to me. As far as an ending, I thought it was pretty cheap because it really makes you wonder how much of this is based on Pete Davidson’s life. We barely get to see the journey either aside from some character interaction at the very end. The movie doesn’t feel like it earned the ending that it has, which is why it made me wonder about who it was based off of in the first place. Which, I’m sure, that was one of the points of this film to be made anyway, was to learn a little bit more about Pete anyway and some of the things that he has dealt with in his life and why he is the way he is now, being in the public eye. In some way or another, this movie will spring you to life with some kind of emotion, whether it be happiness from laughing, sympathy, sadness, or anger. So for that alone, it’s worth the watch. I think Pete Davidson should act more and really take himself seriously because he was good in this role. That may be because it was partially autobiographical, but he should definitely consider giving real acting a shot. This movie is definitely worth a watch!

Actors, Actresses, and Production

Production Team
Production Companies
Pete Davidson
Judd Apatow (director, writer and produer)
Apatow Productions (production company)
Marisa Tomei
Barry Mendel (producer)
Perfect World Pictures (production company)
Bill Burr
Dave Sirus (writer)
Universal Pictures (distribution company)
Bel Powley
Pete Davidson (writer and star)
Maude Apatow
Michael Andrews (music)
Steve Buscemi
Robert Elswit (cinematography)
Jay Cassidy (editor)
William Kerr (editor)
Brian Scott Olds (editor)

The teams of people that went into making the movie, The King of Staten Island.

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Spoiler Section! SPOILERS!!! SPOILERS!!! SPOILERS!!!

I think Scott was a little bitch for most of the movie! Like how are you mad that your mom wants to move on with her life after 17 years of dealing with her 2 kids?!?! Like and he does not feel one bit remorseful about it until it's almost too late for him to. It's like ridiculous how enabled he was his entire life to be a bitch and I hate men like that. You can't respect them, but they always want to be the most respected person in the room like the world owes them something. It's annoying af. To me, I was beyond happy when his mother was over his BS and just kicked his ass out of the house and let him go! THAT was one of the best parts of the movie to me and it's something that she probably should've done ages ago.

AND I loved that Bill Burr's character wasn't going to accept any of his BS for mostly the entire movie at the end of the day either. That's what Scott's character needed was some tough loving and not someone who just babied him his whole life. Which gives me another reason to believe that every household needs a mother and a father figure in it or at least in the kid's lives in some way or another. Scott needed guidance and didn't have any at all and that pissed me off. It also made me happy to even see that at some point his sister wasn't even going to take his crap off of him anymore! I loved it! Because people get tired of other people's bull sometimes, even nice people and family!

I HATE the ending of this movie. It's way too ambiguous and it doesn't let us know what happened and how he moves on with himself. It didn't feel like the book was closed and obviously that's because Pete's chapter isn't but he still felt the need to do an autobiographical story about his life. But aside from him apologizing to his girl and his mom, we don't really see anything about how he moved forward after that in any way. We just have to assume that he eventually just went to SNL like the actual Pete Davidson (the person Scott is based off of) did in his life. But I guess we'll never know. Maybe he did get really good at tattooing one day and that's what he did with his life after that.


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