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Call Him Caitlyn Jenner

Updated on June 5, 2015
Bruce and now Caitlyn
Bruce and now Caitlyn
Male or female?
Male or female?
Male or female?
Male or female?
Bruce back in the day!
Bruce back in the day!

The whole transgender thing can be viewed by normal straight people as either some sort of alien, weird science, transformation thingy (with all its awe and wonder) or can be simply accepted today. That the person doing it, whether a woman turning into a guy or a guy turning into a woman, is either totally demented or truly trapped in the wrong the body. Either way of thinking is normal. Can you imagine when Bruce Jenner, now a Caitlyn Jenner, first told his family members what transformation is and how one day this father, husband, man, would be a person with boobs and a vagina? Talk about awe and shock. I am sure the first reaction was disbelief and Bruce was joking. Once that wore off and the family members realized he was dead serious, one can guess what they were thinking. In fact, one of Bruce's daughter stated she was pissed at this decision because she was losing her dad and male figure she admired. She thought it was selfish that at age 65, Bruce wanted to be a woman created by mad science and costing well over $200,000. Who in their right mind, at the senior age of 65, would do this insane thing? Was it really to help the Kardasian reality TV show? Many think so. It's not like Bruce lacked affection or attention prior to this. He was all over cereal boxes after the gold medals he won.

For some reason, it seems the logical time to switch gender is between 10-14, because up until 14, boys and girls are more similar than not in development. If not then, it seems logical to do all the hormonal injections and operations required to transform one, by age 40, when the person still has natural youth to work with. But, age 65?

The whole transgender thing is fascinating in a weird science way. With operations, a female can have her penis and erection, but not the ejaculation. The facial hair can be forced to grow with testosterone. The boobs are removed. For a guy, hormonal shots of estrogen create the breasts over a long time, facial hair gradually vanishes or removed. They last stage is removing the penis and balls and creating a vagina. From what I researched, the cheapest conversion is between $50-75,000. But once the physical transformation is completed, by far the hardest part must be the psychological part. The part of not thinking like you use to about others and things.

For Bruce, he is now a woman. He will now have to endure many things he never had to before from his former gender. Not everyone will accept her now. Everyone knows she is not really a woman, though she looks the role. People who knew her as Bruce, will forever have problems with it and Caitlyn will be forced to deal with them. Yes, people say the whole transformation is wonderful now that he\she has done it, but, they still think it is weird science and make comments in private. Perhaps the harshest will be those real women.

But, there are plenty of "shemales" out there. It is slang for a transgender man who is now a woman except still has a penis. These have often fooled straight guys in bars who thought they were flirting with a hot woman. Externally, the shemale can fool even real women. Even when they speak, if done well, it is hard to tell. It is a very odd masquerade, of sorts. And, as the real guy flirts with the fake woman, their might be clues to tell the truth, if not, the shemale will usually admit coyly that she is a he. Once disclosed and the shemale moves on, the real guy is in a state of embarrassment, awe, and shock. But, it makes one wonder how do these shemales make a living in the real world? Are they all prostitutes? Are they always in fear of being discovered? What problems to they have being half man and half woman? It is just bizarre. I suppose most simply cannot afford the final step-penis removal, which is a costly operation, so they live and stay in a "twilight zone" world.

While Bruce Jenner is now converted to her real self and has opened the whole transgender dialog across the world and is embraced, there are thousands who lack the resources and money to make such a transition. They hide incognito about themselves and present a false image to the world out of fear. The real world is a tough place for them and can be dangerous. At least Ms. Jenner has done an Olympian action to make it a little easier for all to deal with it. Many people accept them but not embrace them. There have been a few fascinating movies on the whole transformation process, one starring Jane Fonda's son. Think about how it is when a person falls in love with one, finding out that the woman or man is transgender. Once revealed, how does that alter the relationship?

Its tough for all for different reasons. As Brooke Baldwin stated on CNN, "It's all very hard to grasp".


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    • tirelesstraveler profile image

      Judy Specht 

      3 years ago from California

      As one who has specht 20 years trying to avoid hormones to control cancer I have to wonder why society would encourage anyone to load their bodies with hormones.

      We don't want them in the chicken or beef we eat, so why would we want to encourage anyone to gorge on them for any reason.

      I had to go look up a picture of Caitlyn because most of my news comes via the radio. She was answering questions about her new reality show ? If I hadn't seen the picture I wouldn't have known anything had changed. Unfortunately, she still sounds like Bruce.

    • perrya profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago

      Not sure what you meant, but like probably most, I am on the fence about this, but the real world is a cruel place at times. Its is great he can afford this but many other trans cannot and are stuck. Maybe, it is something too difficult to truly understand. People can accept them but they that does not mean they must embrace them. Everyone has a right to their beliefs. Actually, it was a Public statement made on an upcoming episode aired that one of his daughters said this. Surely, anyone can see it is a just statement. And, physically they do turn into the opposite sex via treatments and operations. Do I have a problem with them, not at all. Its just weird, hard to really grasp-even Brooke Baldwin on CNN said this- it is hard to grasp!

    • fpherj48 profile image


      3 years ago from Beautiful Upstate New York

      My, my Perry.....I've read a good deal of your hubs. I'm actually not too impressed with this one. Think you could have been a little less OBVIOUS with your personal opinion? I certainly do.

      None of us should be so presuming to know what others may be thinking or how his family & close friends felt. Unless they have publicly stated point blank facts, we really can't know. His daughter is entitled to be angry that she's "lost her Dad" to speak. She still loves him as he does her. Initial reactions are always extremely emotional for many drastic changes in life.

      Transgender individuals don't "turn into" the opposite sex. From a very young age, they are keenly aware of their inherent sexuality.

      That Bruce lived in this form of self-imposed prison, literally forcing himself to deny his authentic sexual identity for 65 years, is nothing short of astounding.

      It is also not the concern nor business of anyone but Bruce (Caitlin) as to why he did not make this decision many many years ago. The situation is what it is in the here and now.

      There are those who accept......those who reject.....and still others who will judge and criticize.....I hate to shock everyone, but people do this with EVERYONE, whether hetero, homo, bi, lesbian or trans......We have no shortage of people who like to point their fingers and run off at the mouth.

      I can't even begin to put myself in his one but perhaps other transgenders can do this. Even then, each person is a unique individual.

      When the world of bigots, racists, sexists, extremists, WAKES THE HELL UP and SEES the forest is filled with hundreds of thousands of various and quite unique trees, flowers, and foliage.....and can appreciate and embrace the beauty of every one, we will have the closest thing to Heaven on Earth.


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