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Call Out To All The B!tches

Updated on October 8, 2015

All these b!tches, I'm calling you out.

It's on...

So I haven't written any blogs in a long while, but I've been working them out in my head while I'm at work. That is both a good thing and a bad thing. It is good because I am working myself back into writing again. It is bad because I really get into what I want to say and have phenomenal statements thought out in the moment, yet I do not have pen and paper readily available to write all this amazing content. So I am taking the time today to type it all up.

B!tch Number One

Where do I start? I have so many b!tches to call out. Maybe I will start with the craziest b!tch. Wait, I think there's a tie on that one! Ok, so I will start with this lady that I used to be a teacher for her special needs son. Then she lured me into quitting my job at the preschool and working for her. I should have known, yet I was naive and easily manipulated. Story of my life. I'm gonna have to put a stop to that. Well this b!tch, lets call her Nikita, she is one crazy b!tch, She owns her own business but doesn't have a clue as to how to manage it. She lacks effective communication, often time resorting to putting people down, yelling, getting an attitude, or threatening people (sometimes even threatening legal action). She is also highly disorganized. I understand it in part, she became very ill, had three young children to care for, and had moved 12 hours away from where her business was located. Yes, I said she moved 12 hours away from her business. Yes, she was an absentee owner. Yes, trying to manage her seasonal business from 12 hours away. There were three stores that needed to be run, plus a catering side of the business. At first, we had three managers. Then one quit. So I ran two stores while the other manager ran the bigger of the three stores and the catering business. Let me tell you, that summer was the worst in my life. That was the summer my soon-to-be ex-husband decided to up and leave us (fodder for another blog entry and hopefully an upcoming book I am still working on). So here I was, a devastated, newly single mother of three teenagers working my butt off all day long, still whilst working two jobs, and being on call all night long. Anywhere I went, I had two phones, one for work and the other one was my personal cell. I remember one time, going out with my kids to get dinner and that work phone was going off and my children looked at me and begged me not to answer just this once. It breaks my heart thinking of it. But I answered...I was not permitted to be away from that phone. Nikita said I needed to be at her beck and call 24/7. Seriously, I am quoting her there. In the whole month of September that summer, I had three days off. And of those three days, I still had to answer phone calls and texts from work. I was not allowed to go back home three hours away to see my Dad on the weekend. Yet, she was allowed to be 12 hours away?!?

I was having trouble staffing my two stores. My middle child was a senior in high school and had just passed her driving test. I needed staff. I didn't want to hire her. She wanted a job in the worst way. I knew that I would not be returning the next season to manage the stores, as I was in search of a job that was full time, with benefits and not a zillion hours a week. So I ended up hiring my own child to work in my stores. I wish I hadn't. Here's where Nikita gets really crazy.

In the off season, I told Nikita that I was not planning on returning, but that my daughter still wanted to work. I had pleaded with my daughter not to continue on, as I knew how she treated the young teenagers she hired and I did not want that for her. I am not a helicopter parent, but there are times when I try to protect them from what I know is a bad situation, and this was a bad situation in the making. I knew I would have no power to protect her. As a parent, that hurts, knowing that your child is about to go through something difficult, and not having any way of protecting or helping that child. Nikita refused to accept my resignation, and laid on the guilt trip pretty thick. I am a people-pleaser and did not want any conflict so I agreed to assist for a small time as I was able to, to get new staff up-to-speed and assist her with opening the stores for the new season. Of course, I was also working the other two jobs alongside assisting her getting started. I helped as I was able and one day was asked to work in the stores. I felt that she was using this as a way to suck me back in to the stores. I reluctantly worked in the store, then yet again, was asked another time. Actually I was scheduled without her asking me if I could work in the store. I kindly told her that I could not work in the stores, as I was already working the two other jobs and would like to remain working behind-the-scenes as was agreed upon earlier so to get my replacement trained.. The next day I went into the store to pick up my work that I was able to do from home and it had already been done for me. I'll admit I was slightly upset and relieved at the same time. But I took that act of passive-aggression as a reason to not continue working for the company. I promptly turned in my work shirts and keys, as I had tried to on several occasions in the weeks prior.

My daughter still worked there and was receiving many hours. She was 17 years old and had a few more months left of her senior year in high school. She was working double shifts on the weekends, with no breaks. Illegal!!! She was going to school from 8 AM until 2:45 PM, then working from 4:00 PM to 10:00 PM, just about every school day. The reason she was doing this was because she was a good worker and reliable, but also because Nikita would hire a bunch of people, train them, and schedule them to work. After they worked a few shifts, Nikita would find a ridiculous reason to fire them. There were weeks when she would hire one or two people, but be firing three or four. Remember, this is a summer, seasonal job paying minimum wage and hiring teenagers as young as 14 years old. For many of these kids, this was their first job. They needed trained in all aspects of dealing with the public. Nikita was a ruthless boss. One night after a particularly difficult day for my daughter (she was stressed out about school, my pending divorce from her father, and work issues), my daughter confided in Nikita and Nikita looked at her and flippantly told her she needed to run because that will help her with her stress level. On another occasion, Nikita yelled at my daughter because the office printer would not work. My daughter's last day was scheduled to be the day after July Fourth, because that was a busy holiday and she wanted to be there so Nikita would not be so short staffed. On July Fourth, no manager was present to assist the girls in making the product. One of the machines was broken so the girl making the product was producing the product slower than she should have been. My daughter was scheduled to do deliveries of the product on that day. She ended up helping make the product, and was late delivering to the stores. Nikita yelled at her and told her, and I quote, that today was a day she could not screw up. Mind you, if there was an adult/manager present and in charge, proper communication to the employees, and an adapted schedule so the employee could come in earlier to make the product, the issues these girls encountered would never have happened. My daughter came home in tears that day, and may I mention she had to use my personal vehicle for deliveries and not the refrigerated, company vehicle. The next day, which was my daughter's last day, she went in to work. But her work, too, had already been completed. No one had even the courtesy to call her and tell her not to come in. I was glad it was over, sad for my daughter that it ended this way, but not surprised it went down that way, because that was always how it went. People were told that they were no longer needed after they gave notice, and that was what happened to my daughter in a passive-aggressive manner. So I thought that was the end of our dealings with this crazy b!tch. Oh no! Wait a minute. I need to go further.

After relieving my daughter of her duties a day earlier than she had put notice for, a few weeks went by and I received a text from Nikita asking me if I could do her a favor and work in the stores. Come on, lady! After how you treated my kid, how dare you ask me to do you a favor! So I ignored her text. A few days later I got another text asking for more help in the store. That was when I realized she was not going to let me alone. So I blocked her number on my phone. Problem solved? I think not.

My daughter liked a negative review on Facebook about her business. Actually there were two negative reviews. Basically one stated that employees are mistreated by the managers of the business and the other review discussed public health concerns about people handling money and food without washing hands. Both were accurate reviews. Nikita texted my daughter and basically threatened to sue her if the post remained on Facebook. Even though she had nothing to do with writing the review. Then Nikita had the balls to message me on Facebook, even though I am not her friend on it, about her message to my daughter and threatened me with a lawsuit as well. I stewed about it and wrote her a scathing letter back and requested she no longer communicate with either me or my daughter. Then I waited for her to read the message and blocked her on Facebook as well. Two can play the crazy b!tch game as well! Then I went on to the stores' Facebook pages and liked both negative reviews just to spite her! Lady, you ain't met crazy! Don't mess with this momma bear!

B!tch Number Two

This b!tch is my ex-sister-in-law. She is fat and gross looking. Now, I'm a bit on the chubby side and would not die if there were a famine. I could probably go a good year on my fat reserves. But this chick is grotesque. Let's call her Tabitha.

Tabitha has always been crazy. She came from a crazy mother and I really think she is certifiable. She met my brother and promptly got herself knocked up by him. Now this was not the first time she tried to catch a guy in that manner, she had an older child from another relationship as a young teenager. She thought he had money and so she did what certifiable, crazy b!tches did in the 90's and got knocked up. Then when that didn't work, she thought my family had money and did it to my brother. He ended up marrying her, possibly due to the fact that this was the third girl he had knocked up out of wedlock. See the pattern here? So they get married and live happily together for a few months then she kicks him out. He moves back with my parents. They get back together again and then boom, the story repeats itself. They get back together and he gets her pregnant again. They live together and then again, she kicks him out. She goes for child support and gets his wages garnished. Then she takes him back, but continues the wage garnishments. What a crazy, slutty b!tch! They are given my grandparents' old house but Tabitha refuses to live in it unless her name is put on the deed. My mother gives in. They mortgage a house they got free and clear so they can fix it up and purchase two new vehicles. Notice, I am not calling my brother a crazy b!tch, he was just plain stupid when it came to her. Oh, and did I mention she was gross looking? Cross eyed? I have no idea what he saw in her. He could have gotten a much more attractive wife than this crazy b!tch.

So they mortgaged this house they got for free and guess what happens next? Yep, you're right! She kicked him out again. Now mind you, every time she kicked him out, he left with the clothes on his back and little else. She kept it all, and just threw it away. Tabitha did not care if it was expensive tools or watches, old family photos that were priceless, she threw it all away just to be spiteful and did not allow him to have any of his stuff. So at this point he is broke, homeless, and has nothing but the shirt on his back. She is living in MY grandparents house. She is not paying the mortgage. Since my brother wasn't living there and because his wages were being garnished still from the previous sixteen million times they broke up, he did not pay the mortgage either. Guys, guess what happens when people don't pay their mortgage? Yep, they lost my grandparents' house.

Periodically Tabitha does things to piss us off. She takes my brother back regularly to get more child support, even though his income doesn't increase. She turned him in for cutting grass under the table for neighbors so he had to claim those amounts too, and she got a percentage. She ended up marrying the father of her first unwed baby, yet she kept my brother's last name for a period of time. She got credit cards in her name and had them billed to my parents address. When my mother, who hated her by the way, passed away, Tabitha had the gull to show up at the funeral home. Yes, I can proudly admit that my brother did not cause a scene and display an outburst at her presence. I can also proudly admit that I did create a scene when I channeled my Mother that day and told that crazy b!tch to, "get the HELL out" of the funeral home. I know it was my Mom I was channeling because if it were me saying it to her I would have used the F-word in place of the word Hell.

So they have been divorced for at least ten years now. She has had someone damage my father's military service banner that flies in his local area between Memorial Day and Veteran's Day. She has put screws under my father's tire and flattened them. And most recently she has threatened my 70 year old father in small claims court to get items that her children (my brother's kids) had left there after moving out and leaving the basement a pig stye filled with dog poop and fleas all over the stuff left behind.

Tabitha is a gold digging, fat, grotesque, crossed-eye, crazy b!tch. And Tabitha, I stalk your Facebook. Believe me, no amount of surgery to correct that lazy eye of yours will ever make you look more attractive. You are as ugly on the inside as you are on the outside. You should hear all the things your children said about you. Yet I have never once heard my brother say anything bad about you, you crazy b!tch.

B!tch Number Three

I'm just going to really quick throw this out there, because this incident is the one that prompted me to write this call out blog. So this crazy b!tch at work looks like a wicked witch crossed with a Hispanic native american. I am pretty friendly at work and this b!tch is a substitute. I've worked near her before but I don't really know her. So she came in and another co-worker asked where she was going to work that night. She replied that she was working on my co-worker's floor. I looked at my co-worker and said that it was good because she will have a good worker upstairs tonight. I then said we can call her the garbage lady. We are custodians. This sub's job that day was to collect the trash. See where I am going with this? This crazy b!tch turns around and I swear her eyes were huge and black like she was possessed and said, "You can call me <insert her real name>." I was freaked out for a few moments and said in a sarcastic voice that I was only joking around, geeze. Woman, you are one crazy b!tch. See if I ever talk to you, smile at you, look at you, or be kind to you. In fact, I am plotting as I type of all sorts of different ways to make your job miserable the next time I see you, crazy witch-b!tch, that is if I get the pleasure to work with her. Because believe me, the pleasure WILL be ALL mine! Here's to you, crazy b!tch!


Who is the craziest b!tch?

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