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Call of Duty: Ghosts

Updated on May 15, 2013

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Call of duty is back this year with an all new title. Yay! Or not?

Some people love call of duty and are crazy for the series, while other despise the series and hate the games.

Whichever one you are it doesn't matter right now because that's not what i'm going to be talking about.

Call of duty ghosts is a new title from the developer "Infinity Ward," commonly known for creating the modern warfare series of call of duty.

Infinity Ward makes good games and features a different extra mode called "survival" whereas Black Ops has zombies.

However this game will turn out one thing is for sure, it will sell like crazy.

An Infinity Ward Game

Ghosts is an Infinity Ward game like I previously stated and most likely has survival mode. Infinity Ward makes only Call of Duty games. While it does own part of the series the other part is owned by a company known as Treyarch. Treyarch is known for making the Black Ops games, but were not discussing that in this article. Since Infinity Ward is making this game it should turn out pretty well.

Games from Infinity Ward are often regarded as the best Call of Duty games ever. Many people prefer their games over Treyarch. Modern Warfare games are also often easier than those of Treyarch, and have a more different style of combat.

Next Modern Warfare?

Call of Duty Ghosts is indeed the next Modern Warfare game or even Modern Warfare 4. If you play MW3 online then you can see that Infinity Ward clearly states, "we have released our new title Call of Duty Ghosts which will be coming November." This can only mean it is the next Modern Warfare game only with a different title and possibly different characters. The story of Ghosts has not yet been revealed neither has game play footage or an accurate trailer. It is rumored that Ghosts will be set in the far future like Blacks Ops 2. Many rumors have been flying around, but the game will most likely be discussed during E3 this year.

Is It Worth The Money?

This question is probably a hard one. Many Call of Duty games have come out since the last few years, and most are almost the same. It seems they will release a new game every year just like sports games. Many people don't like Call of Duty and avoid it like a plague. If you are a veteran and prestige well, then you should probably get it. Eventually you will get tired of playing Black Ops 2 or MW3 and want something new. Call of Duty Ghosts just may be the thing you need to get refreshed.


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