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Call to Duty: Lives Will Be Lost (A Call of Duty Inspired Movie)

Updated on October 6, 2017
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Craig has been a writer on HubPages since 2013. He is currently studying for Marketing at Nottingham Trent University—in the land of Robin.

Call to Duty: Lives Will Be Lost - an extension on the original idea - for a Call to Duty: Medal of Honour - basing the WW2 movie around events that take inspiration from the original Call of Duty (1-3) games, and the original Medal of Honour's.
Call to Duty: Lives Will Be Lost - an extension on the original idea - for a Call to Duty: Medal of Honour - basing the WW2 movie around events that take inspiration from the original Call of Duty (1-3) games, and the original Medal of Honour's.

Call of Duty could become a movie, or more importantly, a Hollywood big-budget, major production movie that receives all of the perks of such a movie creation project.

This would be a difficult transition to make, turning what is an overly robust multiplayer franchise as it is best known today. But, it also has a campaign that plays like multiple movies that fans of the game will have already seen before. A game like Call of Duty takes its inspiration from movies, and this is one of the biggest obstacles that must be overcome before this game could receive the full-efforts of a movie production title.

The Call of Duty franchise is one that is easily worth billions of dollars, and to take the fans of the gaming franchise into a world that only silver screen movies can provide, the entire scripting for the games themselves would have to be scrapped. What falls into the hands of the movie makers needs to be robust, but entirely aimed at a silver screen production, otherwise we would have another Assassin’s Creed movie fiasco.

A script must be written that has merely taken inspiration from the Call of Duty series, and the movie would need to start with the world war 2 era, and then make their way up to the modern war era. This way, fans of the game and real-life documenting fans of war eras could come together to form a strong audience

The very first Call of Duty game, right up to Call of Duty 3 would need to contain all of the relevant character names and perhaps even characteristics as such. But, the rest is merely inspired by the events that took place in these games campaign stories.

Honestly, this is a game-to-movie adaptation that feels like it could go wrong in so many different ways, especially since Saving Private Ryan (a Steven Spielberg movie) was one of the inspirations anyway behind the creation of the Call of Duty (the original) game.

Someone with very little knowledge of the current Call of Duty titles would be of greater interest when writing a script for Call to Duty, as we are only taking inspiration from the Call of Duty franchise in its earlier makings.

World War 2 was shown in such biblical form back when Call of Duty first became a game on the PlayStation 2. It didn’t have a multiplayer mode, and therefore had its developers working around the clock to bring the truly - and most remarkable story that they could possibly think-up. As so started the Call of Duty franchise, and in those earlier days the story meant everything to the player.

The movie would be a journey into the gritty, violent, extreme strains, loss of brothers lives on the battlefield, never seeing the danger before it has already near-killed you, and this would be a movie that puts everything that people loved about the characteristics for the earlier Call of Duty games into the Call to Duty movie.

World War 2 was all about travelling to various locations plotted around various nations, defeating the enemy by whatever means necessary, and then doing the exact same - but at a location elsewhere, pushing the enemy into the borders.

Make this a movie based around the realities of a greater war - that is far greater than any one nation, through the eyes of a group of ragtag soldiers who will go to all lengths to win the war, save lives, and kill as many of the enemy as they possibly can before they meet their own end.

The war could be shown through the eyes of the few, and some epic and emotionally driven scenery could be done by taking the war into the masses, enabling audiences to see the grander scope to as to what is taking place in the larger sites of the war.

Guys - this post has only just begun, the hope is to get as many ideas as possible for a "Call of Duty" and "Medal of Honour" tie-in inspired game to movie adaptation. How would you make a Call of Duty and Medal of Honour World War 2 movie?

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