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Calvin Theater- Presents Josh Turner, Buy Your Tickets Now

Updated on March 29, 2011
Josh Turner
Josh Turner

Josh Turner on KIX 97.9 Concert

Josh Turner is performing for Calvin Theaters for 3rd Annual KIX 97.9 Concert for Kids. He will also be performing with Brett Eldredge, Ashton Shepherd, Steve Holy. This concert will help support the Saint Jude's Children Hospital. This will be a concert of the century and it will go to a good cause, which is helping are children with disabilities and health issues.

Josh Turner who has sold more than 4 million albums and has gotten multiple number one spots with his songs ("Your Man" and "Would You Go With Me"). His debut album has been certified platinum, and his second album, Your Man, was one of only four country albums to reach double-platinum status in 2006. 6 years after his O pry debut, he was inducted into the prestigious organization, becoming one of the youngest artists to receive such an honor.

Here is a list of all of Josh Turners songs in alphabetical order so that you can see which ones of his songs you recognized I have bolded his more popular songs for ease.

He'll be preforming some of these songs at this concert so take a look at some of his great songs and grab some tickets.

  1. All Over Me
  2. Angels Fall Sometimes
  3. Another Try
  4. As Fast As I Could
  5. Baby, I Go Crazy
  6. Baby`s Gone Home to Mama
  7. Backwoods Boy
  8. Everything is Fine
  9. Eye Candy
  10. Firecracker
  11. Friday Paycheck
  12. Good Woman Bad
  13. Haywire
  14. I Had One One Time
  15. I Wouldn't Be A Man
  16. I'll Be There
  17. In My Dreams
  18. Jacksonville
  19. Josh Turner
  20. Long Black Train
  21. Lord Have Mercy on a Country Boy
  22. Loretta Lynn`s Lincoln
  23. Lovin' You On My Mind
  24. Me and God
  25. No Rush
  26. Nowhere Fast
  27. One Woman Man
  28. She`ll Go on You
  29. So Not My Baby
  30. Soulmate
  31. South Carolina Low Country
  32. Tears of God
  33. The Answer
  34. The Difference Between a Woman and a Man
  35. The Longer The Waiting / The Sweeter The Kiss
  36. The Way He Was Raised
  37. Trailerhood
  38. Unburn All Our Bridges
  39. Way Down South
  40. What It Ain`t
  41. White Noise
  42. Why Don't We Just Dance
  43. Would You Go with Me
  44. Your Man
  45. Your Smile


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