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Can Kendrick Lamar Shake Up The Hip-Hop Game Once More?

Updated on April 6, 2017

Kendrick Lamar's New Release: HUMBLE.

Sit Down, Be Humble

There's an extremely high chance that you've already seen the 'HUMBLE.' video Kendrick released earlier this week. If you have not, I highly recommend watching it as it is astonishingly good. The same goes to say about the music that the video is paired with although it hasn't been received well by everyone.

Many people have let the world know that they think Kendrick is falling off, or not trying hard enough on this new song. My response to that: Why does he have to? He has proven over and over again that he is one of the best and his album sales show he has a consistent fanbase.

And even if you think the song 'HUMBLE'. may not be as good as Kendrick's 'story-telling songs' I want you to remember that the first track released off of 'Good Kid m.A.A.d City' was 'Backseat Freestyle'. So sit down, be humble, and wait for the album to drop.

But Will There Be An Album?

Many people believe Kendrick's fourth studio album will be released tomorrow, on April the 7th. Although this hasn't been confirmed by Top Dawg Entertainment or Kendrick himself, there are some pretty big clues that lead to thinking there is going to be an album.

For starters, someone posted a Pastebin file including what looks like Kendrick's full tracklist. From the looks of it is legitimate. I certainly hope so, firstly because of the features and second because of the time it would take to make something like that look real. (I pity the fool if it's a fake).

Next up is fellow TDE member ScHoolboy Q, spoiling a picture of the track HUMBLE. playing in his car included with the text: 'When you got the whole album and can finally put your jam on Snapchat'. (see picture below). This applies to me that there will be an album. And Kendrick's just not announcing to make it more puzzling and make us want it more. Good thinking, K. Dot!

ScHoolboy Q Teasing Us With Kendrick's New Rumoured Album


More Where That Came From

'HUMBLE.' is not the only thing Kendrick Lamar released in the last few weeks. On the 23rd of March, he released 'The Heart Part 4'. A diss track for what the people think has to be Drake or Big Sean. As far as who it's meant for: I don't know. I do know that the lyrics fit either Drake and Big Sean. You decide for yourself.

He also disses current president Donald Trump for alleged connections with Russia. He has some nice wordplay during that line, but in my honest opinion, it isn't something new to say and because of that I'm not feeling it that much.

A mere two weeks after releasing 'The Heart Part 4', Kendrick appeared on Mike Will Made It's tape 'Ransom 2' on a track called 'Perfect Pint'. This track also features Rae Sremmurd and Gucci Mane. The track is pretty shallow, but it is something refreshing by the 'King of both coasts'.

'The Heart Part 4'

'Perfect Pint'

You Decide!

What is Kendrick's best project thus far?

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Other Releases

2017 started off great for hip-hop with releases from Drake and Big Sean and it's not done yet. On the same day Kendrick releases his new project, Pro Era member Jozif Badmon aka Joey Bada$$ will release his album 'All Amerikkkan Badass'. And then a little less then a month later Logic will release his album 'Everybody' on May 5th.

Fasten your seatbelts rapfans. This year will go down as a very, very good year for hip-hop.


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