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Can Only Lesbians Be Talk Show Hosts?

Updated on March 23, 2010


As the landscape of talk show hosts becomes more lesbian friendly (since the days of Rosie coming out) I began to wonder why we gay men can’t get our act on television. Can only lesbians be talk show hosts? – Don’t Get Me Started!

All one has to do is catch one episode of The Graham Norton Show on BBC America to know that a gay man can not only host a talk show successfully but can innovate the entire genre. However when Comedy Central bought his show to the states for one season success eluded him and he went back to Britain. Was he too gay? Was it that he let his guests drink? What was it that made him not as successful as the lesbian Americans? And then one has to ask just how successful the lesbians are at the moment.

While no one can deny that Ellen DeGeneres has found a whole new career in her talk show style of friendly, never a bad word about anyone, let’s just dance approach I can tell you that as much as I love Wanda Sykes as a comedian (and have for years) I can’t get through a single episode of her Saturday night talk show. Not only does Wanda Sykes seem uncomfortable in her surroundings, she does not help herself out with her dull sidekicks. One a comedian I guess who finds himself much funnier than anyone watching does and in a shocker to not only the gay community, Wanda Sykes has found the dullest drag queen in recorded history to be on her show. I doubt this show will last and while I try from time to time to watch it, I never make it through an entire show. Love you Wanda, but you’re just not good in this genre and you’ve surrounded yourself with the wrong people.

Which gets me back to the whole idea of gay men and wondering why we don’t have our own talk show? I get that Rosie appealed to the daytime stay at home Moms who wanted to make craft projects and that Ellen with her non-threatening approach to just “happy” guests and topics does too but I really think that there are some gays out there who could offer the same thing either in daytime or appeal to the masses in late night with a raunchier show. For daytime I’d like to pitch Nate Berkus. He is perhaps the dullest gay in the world but that’s why I think he might work for daytime. Besides having the Oprah Empire behind him, he is someone that women with large abdomens can sit at home and dream he was straight all while he tells them how to spruce up their bedroom with Nate Berkus bedding. I think this may be in the works all ready. Oprah had him do interviews backstage at the Oscars which was almost as painful to watch as the anorexic Guiliana spew her own brand of boredom style of interviewing on the red carpet. Don’t be surprised to see him get his own show and remember that you saw it here first. The other obvious choice is Neil Patrick Harris who is another really dull gay that people can’t help but remember as the adorable Doogie Howser and not a full-fledged man who has sex with other men.

For late night, we’ll need an edgier gay that isn’t afraid of being the “gay go to guy” for the straight world. He’ll need to do segments on questions straight guys have always wanted to ask gays (of course the straight guys will be dressed in drag to protect their identities – this will be cheaper than pixelating their faces and electronically altering their voices) and at the same time he’ll need to appeal to women and crack whores who are up at that time of night. I don’t know that this gay exists in prime time all ready but a tour of the gay comedian circuit and you may be able to find someone. Or perhaps we can tap an ex-athlete who has come out because straight guys and women are always fascinated by these guys. Whoever he is, he’ll need to be hot so don’t even think about some milquetoast like Ryan Seacrest for the job.

I’m not sure if America can handle the gay men other than as secondary characters on a show like Modern Family but we’ve got to start trying. They like the lesbians because it’s a straight guy fantasy and let’s face it white straight male executives for the most part still run the networks and our country. And if you ask why we need gay men on television the answer is simple, we’re hilarious and not just to the gays. So while I try and get my GSN (Gay Shopping Network) off the ground will someone please start working on getting a male gay talk show host on the air? Thanks in advance. Can only lesbians be talk show hosts? – Don’t Get Me Started!

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    • somelikeitscott profile image

      somelikeitscott 5 years ago from Las Vegas

      Theophanes - Here here! I agree with you on all fronts - including the failed US version of Graham Norton! Thanks for reading and writing in!

    • Theophanes profile image

      Theophanes 5 years ago from New England

      What an odd statement... Guess I never really thought about it. That being said lesbians are in vogue because they're a lot less threatening to the crazy straight people that find homosexuality somehow threatening. I mean lets face it the women watching these shows probably trust another woman more and I think as women they're usually less belligerent in that whole you're an abomination thing. I mean come on, women are the mother's of society. It's our job to be the softer characters that pull back other people and say, "Wait, what if that was your kid?" or something similarly emotionally logical.

      I love watching Graham Norton by the way but his American show was lousy. The guests squirmed around uncomfortably, the antics were somehow less, and it was just awkward all the way through. Probably had more to do with the producers than anything. That being said I say we are getting closer to getting a gay talk show host. I think all the conservative bullshit going around might just be backfiring and making people realize just how ugly intolerance and stupidity is.

    • terrordronetimmy profile image

      terrordronetimmy 7 years ago

      Yes because most talk shows like loose women etc are just pants and most women are just not funny

    • OpinionDuck profile image

      OpinionDuck 7 years ago

      Who is on your list of potential hosts?

    • somelikeitscott profile image

      somelikeitscott 7 years ago from Las Vegas

      shaunese, good for Canada but we don't get it in the states so battle still raging...sort of...thanks.

    • shaunese profile image

      shaunese 7 years ago from Brampton

      steven and chris.... a Canadian show with not one but TWO gay hosts! pick your battles.... or better yet this one has been won!