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Can Stormtroopers have regular lives?

Updated on December 11, 2017
Photo by Pop Cutlure Geek's Photostream
Photo by Pop Cutlure Geek's Photostream | Source

Did stormtroopers go home to their families after serving their tour with the Empire in the movies Star Wars? The movies don’t really explain where stormtroopers come from, not like the clone troopers from the first three episodes. So, my question is, do stormtroopers have families?

If they do, do they get to go home and spend time with their families? Do their wives or husbands greet them after coming home from invading planets in the name of restoring peace for the Empire throughout the Galaxy?

Do stormtroopers get therapy when they get back home? Do they get to talk about how they saw one of their friends die from a horrible laser blast? Do they get to even make friends?

What’s the deal with these stormtroopers? Do they even know that they serve an evil empire that is trying to control the whole galaxy under one belief? That kind of sounds like...wait I better not say!

It has been shown in the latest film (The Force Awakens) that stormtroopers are put through an academy and have numbers for names. So, the question might be answered. However, that could only have been the case with Finn. Anyway…


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