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Can "The Following" Be Saved?

Updated on June 2, 2015

Fans could not have been more disappointed to see The Following get cancelled after three seasons. Fox cancelled the show due to the lack of viewers. Season 1 started off well with about 10 million viewers. Then the show dropped to about 5 million viewers and season 3 had about 2 million viewers which was not high enough for Fox to pick up the show and renew season 4 but the season 3 finale surely did not disappoint anybody. The show has delivered plenty of mind blowing plot twists, incredible drama, amazing suspense, and more. They were able to stick with the set of characters as well as adding new players to the game. This is just some of the main reasons why plenty of fans have stuck to the show. The two hour finale was arguably the best episode of the season but there are still a lot of questions left on the table which is why fans want the show to continue and here are some reasons why the show must be renewed:

Ryan Gone Rogue

Ryan Hardy was presumed dead after falling off the bridge with Theo and his body was never found. Little does everyone know that Ryan is alive and well and on a mission. He faked his own death in order to protect his friends and family but how long can he really go without being identified? The fact that Gwen is having his child could bring Ryan back but at least not until his mission is complete. Ryan is after Eliza and that fact that he is presumed dead will help his case. Ryan is considered a ghost and Eliza could never see him coming as long as Ryan keeps a low profile but at least we know Ryan is out for blood.

Theo Dead or Alive?

The biggest question from the end of season 3 was if Theo was dead or alive. He managed to survive a bullet to the head from Ryan Hardy and fell off the bridge with Hardy but his body was never discovered which would lead to believe that he is alive somewhere and can possibly have help. It would be interesting to see if Theo will still come after Gwen knowing that she is pregnant with Ryan's child. Ryan and Theo are both presumed dead and are now ghosts. They also have the same enemy. Does this mean that Ryan and Theo would team up to bring down Eliza and her team? Season 4 would need to be picked up to continue if we want to find out.

Eliza: The New Player

Eliza is the new player in the show that didn't come on until the second half of season 3 and shows that she is a much bigger threat than what she appears to be. She holds a lot of power but there's still a lot that we need to know about her to realize how big of a player she can really be. She came after Ryan Hardy thinking that he knew something about her and broke the deal between her and Theo and left him to die. She is expecting both of them to come after her especially realizing that their bodies were never found from the bridge so she knows that they are alive and coming after her. The question is will she ever see them coming?

Has Joe Carrol Faded Away?

Joe Carrol died halfway through season 3 from lethal injection which was part of the death penalty but he didn't truly die. He was a constant image in Ryan Hardy's head and was, at times, turning Ryan into a possible killer himself. We didn't see Joe's character in the last two episodes of the season so many fans would expect that we won't see him anymore. But we need to remember what effect he has had on Ryan Hardy. Even if we don't see Joe Carrol again, it is expected to believe that Ryan Hardy is the next Joe Carrol and now that Ryan has gone rogue, he is free to do what he pleases and that can mean that we can see Ryan turn into the killer that Joe has always wanted.


We knew that Gwen was pregnant since the mid way point of season 3 but it took her towards the end of the season for her to tell Ryan. With Ryan presumed dead, it would be hard to imagine anyone coming after her now unless Ryan was to come back to her but don't expect that any time soon. Gwen won't be raising the child alone as she has Ryan's sister Max and Mike Weston alongside her for support. It will be interesting to see if and when Gwen sees Ryan again.

Mike & Max

Now that we know Mike survived the brutal attack from Mark, we can finally see the relationship between him and Max that we have been waiting for all season. With Mark finally out of the picture, we can finally see the two be together happily, at least for now. Mike and Max know that Ryan must still be out there since his body was never found so expect the two to go looking for him. It wouldn't be a surprise if they were to get caught in the middle of the Ryan and Eliza feud.

Mark & Daisy

We saw both Daisy and Mark killed but many would never of expected them to go out the way they did. Daisy basically gave herself up and was killed by Max and appeared that she just wanted it to end. Mark had his shot at killing Mike Weston and even Max but failed as Mike shot and killed Mark and went on to survive. One can hope that Daisy and Mark didn't have followers of their own that we don't know about so they can play as an X factor if there is a season 4.


With Joe Carrol finally out of the picture, is it possible that we see Claire again? Claire hasn't been seen since the end of season 2 but it is possible she can try to make her way back into the show. She must know Ryan Hardy is presumed dead which would lead us to believe that the return of her character is not likely as of right now. It would be hard to imagine Ryan going back to Claire now that he is with Gwen and has his child and would start a family, whenever he plans on revealing himself.


Will "The Following" Return On A Streaming Site?

See results

Who Will Pick Up The Show?

The question still remains: Who will pick up the show? Many fans hope for a stream site to pick it up but in recent news Hulu has decided that they are not picking up the show. Many thought Hulu would since they have picked up shows before like The Mindy Project. Now with Hulu out the picture, they best that we can hope is for Netflix or even Amazon to pick up the show and keep the Kevin Bacon starred series going.


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