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Can You Pull Off a High-Waisted Bikini?!

Updated on December 30, 2013

High-waisted swimwear is certainly a staple in swimwear year in and year out. The retro, vintage style is always circulating the beach scene, and celebrities can't seem to let the trend fade.

The high-waisted bikini channels the 1950s glamour and pinup girls such as Marilyn Monroe. The style is cute, interesting, and the complete opposite of the ever popular string bikini. Many celebs are rockin’ the high-waisted trend and many are doing so flawlessly.

A Brief History of the High Waisted Style

In the 1940s, one piece and two-piece bathing suits were all the rage, though these forerunners of the bikini were extremely modest in style. Featuring flattering sweetheart and square necklines up top, paired with high-waisted shorts below, these suits were perfect for any beach outing. Suits of this era also featured strategic cut-outs, as manufacturers had limited resources during wartime.

Glamour swimwear really peaked in the 50s and 60s. Suits were modeled by the quintessential pin-up girls, so named because these women were popular, attractive, and their images were meant to be displayed, pinned up on walls everywhere.

Now, we can't say that every celebrity rocking the high waisted style is killing it. We recently discovered pop star Ke$ha down in Australia showing the world how not to rep the high-waisted style. Although Ke$ha is normally known for her crazy antics on stage and her wild style, this swimsuit choice made us want to yell Timber. Check it out.

Unfortunately, if you have a boxed shape body (as she does), a high-waisted bikini is not the ideal choice in swimwear for you. Instead, opt for ANYTHING else. A one-piece, a tankini, or even a monokini would have done this pop singer's body justice.

We're not digging the cut out design along the sides of the high waist, and think Ke$ha would have been better off in a simple design with a top that actually fit. Check out our choice for a suit better "suited" for her body type, the Sabz Wonder World bikini:

However on a more positive note, there are some celebs that make the high-waisted trend look good and gives us hope that we may look good in it as well.

Kim Cattrall is 54 years old and makes this black high-waisted bikini look great. In a scene from the Sex & the City movie, Kim wears the high-waisted bikini with a white cardigan and we must say, she looks good! It shows you that you don’t have to be young for a trend to work for you.

Another celeb who gave justice to the high-waisted trend, Taylor Swift. She looks adorable in this polka dot bikini with her legs accentuated while channeling the full pinup look. We always love Swift's vintage style, as she can pull off retro better than most. Maybe her body was made for it, but the high waisted style is an absolutely hit with Ms. Swift.

The high waisted style isn't for every body type, but make sure you do you research before you go out and buy the first one you see. Different designs and patterns for the high waisted style might accentuate areas of your body that you don't want to accentuate. We recommend for any piece of swimwear that you might buy, you check the sizing chart first to make sure that the swimsuit fits properly in all the right places.


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    • Magicality LM profile image

      Magicality LM 8 months ago

      High waiste + tummy = bad combo.

      Good advice though ...

    • profile image

      MD:TORIKUL ISLAM 4 years ago

      You are so sweet.I like you very much.