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Indie Music Review

Updated on March 31, 2013
Candle Hour - Airplane
Candle Hour - Airplane | Source

Candle Hour are a grassroots independent band on a mission: to make as much good music as possible and as quickly and accessible as possible and that is certainly what theyve done on their album, "Airplane." Although not tied to one specific genre the album often combines a blend of electronic rock inspired music with heavy drums and long instrumentals. It is difficult to make comparisons as the band is very genre bending but throughout the album many bands come to mind from Nine Inch Nails to the Prodigy.

The album opens with, "Overture," which is like the far away whisper of a forgotten memory. As it fades it leads into "Without A Parachute," the bands first single. This track is very filled with pounding drums, distorted guitars and ethereal electronic sounds, I believe it also contains a drumming on a distorted piano. I won't get into detail on every track but highlights include the incredible guitar solo of "Astral Transmission," the Electronic/human clicking sounds of the track "Atmosmusic." Atmosmusic reminds me a lot of Aphex Twin. It takes hearing to believe the crunching guitar throughout March to The End mixed with speed piano and marching style drums.

The band has released four music videos thus far the first for "Without A Parachute," a time lapse of the viewer hurtling down the road with animation that plays much like a comic strip. Throughout this psychadelic trip many unusual sights can be see. The second video for the intro track to the album, "Overture," are clips from the very first Alice in Wonderland filmed in 1903.

The third video for the song "Atmosmusic," is an unusual concept of strung together timelapse material the band filmed under a microscope capturing a wide array of unusual microscopic life. Once again an incredibly psychedelic trip with a multicolored frenzy of the unimaginable. The final video from the album was made from early 1900s war footage and violent atomic/hydrogen explosion footage.

Below you will find several of the tracks from the album and you may play them and leave a comment at the bottom if you enjoy the music.

All in all in my opinion it is a stellar album and worthy of a good listen. I plan to review more independent bands in the future so if you like this format feel free to refer people you know to our hubs so we can continue to bring you the best in indie music.

In the meantime if you feel like checking out more on this great band check them out on Youtube, BandCamp or I-tunes. Many more links can be found to this bands music online all you need to do is search the net. Enjoy!


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