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Cane Ashby Exited Genoa City Long Before the Young and the Resltess Fired Daniel Goddard

Updated on October 22, 2019
Cheryl E Preston profile image

Cheryl has been writing soap spoilers, breaking news, and updates for several years. She is a five decades fan of daytime drama.

Daniel Goddard was obviously unhappy

There have been a lot of hints that Daniel Goddard was no longer happy on the CBS daytime drama that has been his home for many years. When you go back in time, it becomes apparent that his character, in theory, had exited The Young and the Restless, long before the announcement on October 22 that he had been fired.

The Young and the Restless had a super couple in the making with Cane and Lily who were popular with the fans. Everything began going south, however, when he had the one night stand with Juliet Hinton. After Juliet died in childbirth, "Lane" eventually reunited and Lily promised to be a mother to little Sam. Things shifted after Christel Khalil went on recurring status. There were rumors that she was tired of playing Lily and later it was believed that Khalil had problems when Mal Young was head writer.

Lily went to jail for causing the accident that killed Hilary and Cane later kissed Victoria twice. Lily decided she had to begin a new life so she divorced her husband. Once the twins went off to college, Cane sold their home and quit his job at Chancellor. During this time little Sam was only mentioned a few times and never seen. This was the first red flag when Cane was never shown bonding with his son. It was as if the little boy did not exist since he was absent for two years.

Cane later began spending time with Traci Abbott but that relationship was nipped in the bud. Traci turned Cane down but according to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Daniel Goddard did not want his character to become involved with Ms. Abbott. A few weeks back the actor tweeted a photo of Christe Khalil back on the set of The Young and the Restless and another of their parking spaces side by side. Goddard had a big smile on his face and put a caption that read, "Reunited and it feels so good."Lane" fans thought their favorite couple was going to get back together, but this obviously is not the way things turned out.

Cane has been lost in space

Cane Ashby has been wandering through the Twilight Zone, rather than living in Genoa City. After Victoria fired him from Brash and Sassy, no one would give him a job, until Jill hired him at Chancellor industries. Devon and Neil both talked down to him because he hurt Lily and Mr. Ashby seemed to be lost in space. Around the same time he sold his home, Cane announced that he was leaving Chancellor Industries to help felons get back on track once they left jail. He hung out with Traci who used him as inspiration for the character in her new book. When he thought they might take their friendship to the next level, she told him they could only be friends.

He disappeared with no explanation and many viewers of The Young and the Restless believed that he had been let go from the show. The timing of his disappearance coincided with Devon being told that he was not the legal heir to Katherine Chancellor's fortune. Cane claimed he had nothing to do with Amanda coming to Genoa City and even tried to help solve the mystery. Cane has no home, no job, no wife and his twins are gone. His son Sam is never on the screen so it's as if everything that gave him roots has been taken away.

Cane and Colin could be behind the fake will

Tuesday on The Young and the Restless Jill and Cane found out that the newly discovered pages of the will are authentic. It's possible that the expert Jill hired could have been paid to lie. Now that Daniel Goddard has confirmed he has been fired, it's probable that his character will somehow be involved in the plot to take Devon's money. Amanda had mentioned an old man last week and that may be Cane's father Colin. During the time that Cane was not in Genoa City, he and his dad could have come up with this scheme. Whatever happens, Cane will probably exit Genoa City in disgrace. If it's proven that he was involved in trying to get the Chancellor billions for himself, he may even go to jail.

There has been no announcement of when Daniel Goddard will film his final scenes on The Young and the Restless. Whatever happens, that leads to Cane leaving Genoa City, viewers know that the character checked out some time back and has been slowly making his exit ever since. Rumors indicate that Christell Khalil will soon return to the CBS daytime drama but at this point, it does not lool like Lily will be reuniting with Cane. "Lane" fans may never get the full story of why the writers decimated the Ashby family. Cane could have moved on without Lily and found someone else to mother his son. Be on the lookout for updates regarding the conclusion of the will fraud and Daniel Goddard's final scenes.


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