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Capricorns Together

Updated on February 11, 2011

Due to the amazing response from other Capricorns to my Hub, on Capricorns having a hard time, Life of a Capricorn or Maybe Just Cursed (thanks for taking the trouble to write your comments). I am thinking of setting up a site for Capricorns to tell their stories and interact with other Capricorns. I'm no astrologer but I did do some evening classes in Astrology years ago and I have read a lot on the subject. So I have a feeling it depends where Saturn is on your birth chart, we all have Saturn and the other planets on our birth chart. In other words I think those people who have a prominent Saturn might suffer the same as Capricorns (particularly Capricorns born around Xmas time). So if that's you then the site is for you too. The essence of a Capricorn/Saturn experience is one of frustration, hard work, self-sacrifice, delays, disappointments - a feeling of working very hard and doing the right thing but never seeming to get the rewards in life! Never seeming able to move forward, except spiritually of course because I think Capricorns who have a hard time are more spiritually aware but we don't live in a very spiritual world so it's hard!

What do you think of a site for Capricorns called 'Capricorns Together'? A site to discuss with other Capricorns, interact and share experiences? You can be funny, sad or whatever you want as long as you are nice and respectful of others and their space! I think it's a great idea because in my experience it is often hard for others who don't have the same kind of life to understand what I go through just day to day! People often end up calling me negative because of all the problems I face one after another. But I think this says more about them than me because I see myself as realistic and considering what I go through I think I am one of the most positive people ever! I get out of bed every morning and try, that is positive. I treat people decently, in the way I would like to be treated, that's positive, I do lots of exercise, eat well and look after my body that's positive. I don't swear that's my sort of positivity!

By the way if you haven't already, read the book Saturn - A New Look at an Old Devil by Liz Greene, it's fascinating stuff! This was the book which confirmed my thoughts about Capricorns and their leading planet Saturn and how we have a harder time than others. Let me know when you've read it what you think, its great a real eye opener! Listen to this from the book and I quote '......Saturn seems to correspond with painful circumstances which appear not to be connected with any weakness or flaw on the part of the person himself but which merely "happen",........' This says it all to me, because you would think I would have to be a horrible person, if you judged on the life I have in spite of hard work!

So let me know what you think of the idea and the name, suggest other names too and maybe we can vote for the best name or something!


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    • Oremie B profile image

      Oremie B 6 years ago from North London

      Oh don't worry I know exactly how you feel! I was trying to stay positive for you, we just keep on trying what else to say! I hope that one day I will have paid the karma back or whatever. Otherwise the only other option is suicide, which to be honest I thought off while living in that drug den as you put it! But on the other hand that flat is my home and all I have so while I am here in Riyadh I'm OK but when I go back then what?! So even while minding your own business trying to make a decent life for yourself, you can end up messed up totally because of other people!! Take care and good luck!

    • profile image

      tigers eye 6 years ago will improve but will be tainted by something else going on so no peace of mind. Sorry to sound so negative but there seems to be a pattern.

      Good to know you moved away from that drug den!

    • Oremie B profile image

      Oremie B 6 years ago from North London

      Don't give up yet things could improve, the planets are always moving and they say eventually you get the gold, or get to the top of the highest mountain!!

      Oracle I've only just seen your last comment, not sure when it was sent but I haven't been on hub pages for a while! I've been packing etc to come to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia to work in a spa/gym. I've been here a month now! At home before I left I was busy trying to sort a horrific nightmare of my neighbours smoking loads and loads of cannabis, the fumes were entering my flat with such intensity that I was feeling terribly sick and ill day and night! I even had to call an ambulance twice! No one would help including the police and housing association. In the end I had to pay for a carer to come to my flat and witness the goings on, then the police promised to raid their flat.

      I have just heard from the Sergeant that the carer has pulled her statement. Stinks of corruption if you ask me because not only has she pulled her statement, but she has gone on to lie to the police that I did this and I did that!! True Capricorn stuff, with all the having to cope alone with little support and care from others! I am now thousands of miles away and back to square one! I suffered all that for nothing! I think this needs to be the title of my next Hub: Nightmare on Dartmouth Rd. Actually it was more like hell on earth, being poisoned in your own home and not being able to get help from anywhere not even the police; and yet cannabis is illegal in Britain and a class B dangerous drug!

    • profile image

      tigers eye 6 years ago

      Hi Oremie B.

      I too live in London and unfortunately born a Capricorn. I have always been interested in astrology and recently metaphysics (law of attraction). However after what I have experienced this weekend alongside other life events I have come to realise that I must stop wanting things or situations and just let whatever god universe has planned for my life. With Saturn causing delays, manifesting is impossible as Saturn will block it. I now truly understand and I am not paranoid as this site proves that I am not alone.

      The thought of knowing that 'this is it', it ain't gonna get any better but possibly worse is beginning to hurt psychologically. Now I no longer believe god. Saturn is a cruel nasty planet and has no place in the cosmos as a ruling planet.

    • profile image

      Oracle 7 years ago

      I didn't mean to scare you with the occult suggestion. I'm in Florida USA by the way. It's warm, tropical and very beautiful, you know paradise and cool at night. But in the summers it is very hot and believe it or not I wear long sleeves because in 15 minutes I begin to burn and darken. We have been for the past two winters having very cold weather for long periods. I tend to love it, but no one else does. It is abnormal though for Florida to have cold winters.

      And yes, it is very sad, what is going on in the world. Japan, Libya, Egypt and so many other countries and high gas prices, foreclosures and no jobs. I would have to say, karma comimg right back at you!

    • Oremie B profile image

      Oremie B 7 years ago from North London

      Very interesting thanks for all this contribution. London I guess is like anywhere, if you have the right people around and opportunities it's a great place. But for me you need too much money to have a good life, the people are generally too reserved and the weather is not great! Mind you with all the disasters in the world one after another. You begin to think maybe it's just as well to live in a place were the weather is drab and cold but at least no earthquakes, tsunamis etc.

      I believe karma could be a reason for suffering but I just think it's a sad thing to deal with when we are not even aware of what we did in past lives. I don't know Carlos Castenada's work but occult stuff scares me!

      Where abouts are you by the way? And thanks for your support!

    • profile image

      Oracle 7 years ago

      Hello Oremie B, How is it in London? I've always wanted to go there. Your life seems very similar to mine, except for the childhood part. Yes, as an adult my life has been difficult too. My biggest problem was my family. No matter how much I held them in high esteem, they never really cared about me or so they appeared not to. They have been extremely backstabbing and traitorous and I have not forgiven them. However, they are just part of it, or should I say the foundation.

      The book, Saturn--A New Look At A Old Devil by Liz Green I will most surely read. I'm interested in Ms. Green's perspective on Capricorns' karmic retribution and the degrees to which we suffer in our existences and what it all fundamentally means. You know, Oremie B, Saturn represents karma, law and cause and effect. To get to the prize, you must go through hell to get it. Underneath all our layers lies something simply magnificent and marvellous. But one must earn the prize! It seems like most Capricorns eradicate quite a bit of old karma.

      And yes, I understand set backs and the feeling of bending over backwards for people and not reaping anything in return. Other people get back returns on their deposits and they gave a fraction of what you gave. Some people get all the opportunities to receive great benefits, but we get nothing and have so much to offer. Is this an illusion? Am I complaining too much oops, don't want to do that. Has the world not yet ripened enough for Capricorn to shine through? I don't know.

      And spiritually, yes, we must hardened and then shatter spiritually through initiation to get to the next level. It is almost impossible, because like you said, we don't live in a spiritual world. Religion cannot take us there. So spirituality is yet another high mountain to climb. Try reading any of Carlos Castenada's books like: The Other Side Of Infinity, The Eagle's Gift, The Second Ring Of Power, Tales Of Power, and The Lessons of Don Juan. Carlos Castenada was a Capricorn you know and very few people have had experiences such as his. He was very fortunate and I wish something like this could happen to me. Also try reading anything on the occult, you would be glad you did.

      I hope more Capricorn men will comment on your blog. Their insight is so interesting and can be captivating. They are extremely brilliant and God in human form!:)

      As always, I could say more, but I will stop for now.