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Captain America : Civil War What to expect and what not to !!

Updated on July 1, 2016

1. We have seen DC superhero battle it's now time for Marvel's surperheroes war

Yes, Embrace yourself for another clash of our favourite comic book heroes. It is the third film of the most awaited comic book movie year after Deadpool and Batman V Superman : Dawn of Justice.

We have already seen DC superheroes clashing on the big screen and merc with a mouth Deadpool in action and both the movies were able to make the fans happy but the critical reception from the critics was somewhat different for batman v superman. So, will it be able to make both critics and fans happy? To find that we will need to wait for its release in our nearest theatres.

(A year back when I went to watch Avengers 2: Age of Ultron and I was very disappointed I know many loved the movie but for me, it was not up to mark. I was having very high expectations with Avengers 2 especially after watching Avengers 1 in 2012 and in Captain America Winter soldier 2014 these two movies were the best movies of the marvel cinematic universe at least my favourite movies of the MCU but Avengers 2 had a big problem and according to me it was the main villain, Ultron was not the Ultron I knew from the comics or animated movies of marvel so I was very much disappointed.)

Therefore, This time, I m going with little fewer expectations because sometimes when we expect more and we don't get that we feel disappointed. So, I wanna share few things with you especially for those people who felt what I felt when I watched Avengers 2.

Avengers Vs Avengers
Avengers Vs Avengers | Source
Black Panther
Black Panther | Source
Hey Everyone !!
Hey Everyone !! | Source

2. First of all the good part what we can expect.

Marvel's civil war is upon us and this time, it is not against any alien or robots, this time, it is a clash between our very own favourite heroes it will be avengers vs avengers, Team Ironman Vs Team Captain America. In my region, it is going to be released on 6th May 2016 .

So, here are few things that you should expect from this movie :-

  1. If you are a fan of Captain America winter soldier prepare yourself for some high octane action because The Russo Brothers are back in direction and people who loved winter soldier I m one of them, We all know that winter soldier was a totally different movie and action in that movie was nothing less than amazing.
  2. The movie is basically based on Marvel comics Civil war but those people who haven't read it and think that the movie might not make sense because they haven't read the comics, well the early reviews have stated that the movie is different from that of comics so you don't need to worry about that.
  3. Civil war will be having a little different tone because political issues will be there and it will have a similar tone with the winter soldier but there are tonnes of comedic moments in the movie it will be little serious but it will manage to make you laugh.
  4. Consider this movie as the sequel to both Age of Ultron and Winter soldier those who have watched these two movies will know how Captain America's lost his trust in government (in winter soldier) as well as in Ironman ( in the age of Ultron).
  5. Black panther is in the movie and from trailers and tv spot he does looks cool in that black panther suit of his and he will have a hell of a fight with bucky I can assure you that.
  6. Another marvel character who is one of the most popular characters of marvel comics will be there. Yes, spiderman is in the movie and I know you know that but it is said that Tom Holland is the best mix of Peter Parker and Spiderman and you will see that in this movie.

Ant Man or Giant Man ?
Ant Man or Giant Man ?

7. And those who loved Antman he is in this movie and we might even see his opposite power that is he might become the giant man with a change in his helmet I think it might happen.

8. Thor and hulk are not in the movie but that doesn't mean Bruce Banner won't be in( keep your eyes, open people).

9. Expect death of one of your heroes in the comic there is a death of one your favourite characters and movie is different but we can not deny that it might not happen I guess there are solid chances of someone dying.

10. Post credit scene: Avengers 2 wasn't having any post credit scene but civil war might have it and it might be a big one.

Glimpse of our new spidey

3. Now the sad part what we should not expect from the movie.

Yes, the sad part is here and now we have to lower our expectations so that we can have a good time watching this movie.

The problem of not having a strong villain is still going to be in this movie. Yes, the people who don't know who the villain is let me tell you it ain't a big spoiler because so I 'll just tell you the name he is known as Baron Zemo and just like Ultron he is also quite strong ruthless in comics and I think Zemo will also get the same treatment that Ultron got.

Baron Zemo is any arch-enemy of Captain since the time of world war and they have battled many times in the comic as well in animated tv series of Avengers.

This has always been a big problem with marvel movies they don't have a very strong villain that can challenge our heroes except in Antman,Ironman 1, Avengers 1 and Guardians of the galaxy, Winter soldier. I will like marvel movies even more if they bring strong villains and let them stay strong like they are in comics, unlike the Ultron we saw in avengers 2 many might not agree with me but still I felt that he was very weak and was nothing compared to his comic book counterpart or in animated movies or tv shows.


5. Did You Know?

  1. Marvel Civil War would not have been possible if Warner bro. did not have announced Batman V Superman : Dawn Of Justice
  2. William Hurt as Thunderbolt Ross from the incredible hulk is reprising his role and will be seen in a pivotal role.
  3. Spiderman had a huge role in the civil war comic and this was the reason due to which marvel struck a deal with sony and now we will get so the real amazing spiderman.
  4. In the comic, there are several more superheroes like Goliath, Hulking, Mr fantastic etc but in the movie, it will be Avenger Vs Avenger.
  5. There was also a Thor clone who kills Goliath but both of these characters will not be used in the movies.

General Ross
General Ross | Source

6.Things you can do to prepare yourself for marvel's biggest event

  1. You should watch Avengers 2: Age of Ultron and Captain America: Winter Soldier because Civil war is sort of a direct sequel to both of these movies. These two movies will help you understand why Captain America no longer trust Tony Stark aka Ironman and government. These movies will also tell you more about winter soldier aka Bucky Barns and why Cap is so desperate to save him.
  2. You can also read the comic it will give you an inside view of the plot though the movie is different than the comic. So, it won't spoil anything.


7. Why we should watch this movie ?

Movie events like these won't happen again and many of us have grown up with these characters and movie universe. So, do watch it in your nearest theatres and do share your thought about the post as well as about the movie too .


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Team Ironman Vs Team Captain America
Team Ironman Vs Team Captain America


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      Abhinav Joshi 20 months ago

      Okayyy i also had somewhat same experience that you had with Ultron

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      Dakshh Rajput 20 months ago