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Captain America: The First Avenger - A Detailed Synopsis and Review

Updated on June 1, 2017

Captain America: The First Avenger Trailer

Captain America:The First Avenger begins in modern day when a russian oil team comes across a spaceship sized aircraft containing Captain America's shield.

Jump back to 1942 in Norway during World War II. A man named Johann Schmidt is seen stealing an artifact called the tesseract from a church. It holds unimaginable powers and is considered "the guardian of wisdom and fate".

The tesseract plays a huge part in Marvel movies


Steven Rogers

Meanwhile, in Brooklyn a man named Steve Rogers wants nothing more than to join the military and fight the Nazis, but he is turned away over and over due to health issues and his tiny size. A discouraged Steven goes to the movies and ends up in a fight because he told a guy to shut up. He is saved by his best friend, Sgt. James "Bucky" Barnes who has news that he is deploying the next day and wants to go on a double date for his final night. While at the Modern Marvels Pavilion during date night Steven disappears into yet another recruitment office. He is discovered by Dr.Abraham Erskine who decides to give him a shot in the Army.

At boot camp Steven meets Col. Phillips and Agent Carter who reveal that they are looking for one man to become a "super soldier". Although Steven struggles and fumbles through boot camp, he makes selfless and smart decisions and he is chosen for the ultimate experiment by Dr. Erskine.

The night before the procedure Dr. Erskine tells Steven the story of Johann Schmidt. He is a power hungry friend of Hitler's. While Hitler fantasized about magic powers Schmidt was convinced it was real and would do anything to gain it. In attempt to become superior, Schmidt took the super soldier serum before it was ready and it came with consequences. It is the super soldiers job to stop him before he takes over the world.

The next morning Steve is taken to an antique shop in Brooklyn with a secret lab in the back. Steven was injected with the super soldier serum which promotes growth and cellular change. He is then placed into a chamber that exposed him to vita rays and he emerged a tall and sculpted beast.

Before and After Becoming a Super Soldier

As everyone is cheering and celebrating their accomplishment a spy is spotted. The man exploded part of the building, stole a vial of the serum and then shot Dr. Erskine. Steven goes after the man and caught up to the car in his bare feet. The man then fled to a submarine that was no match to Steven's new super speed. When the man was captured he killed himself with cyanide before Steven could get a word out of him.

Super Soldier is Not So Super

With Dr. Erskine dead Steven becomes a joke. He is used as part of a singing and dancing USO show in an embarrassing spandex outfit. Steven is now known as "The Star Spangled Man". This leads to movies and comics about him. He is constantly made fun of by soldiers.

The Star Spangled Man

Taking Matters Into His Own Hands

After being laughed off stage by soldiers who just returned from war, Steven is consoled by the lovely Agent Carter. During this discussion Steven learns that his best friend (Bucky) has been captured by Schmidt along with many other soldiers. Steven immediately takes off in a plane brings Agent Carter with him. While in the air the plane is shot at and Steven jumps out, telling Agent Carter to turn around back to safety.

Steven infiltrates the HYDRA camp and starts releasing prisoners. When asked who he was, Steven replied "Captain America". Steven found his friend Bucky strapped to a chair and spotted a map of all the other HYDRA bases. When Schmidt finds Captain America he reveals his true self by ripping off his face and displaying his disgusting red exterior, revealing himself as the "Red Skull". His accomplice, Dr. Zola, then separates the two by pulling the lever on the drawbridge. They then take off in an aircraft leaving Captain America and Bucky engulfed in flames.

Luckily, Captain America makes it out alive along with Bucky and 400 soldiers. He is celebrated and respected after returning to his camp a hero. Steven becomes an actual Captain and leads the way to each of Red Skull's bases.

Who will win in the final battle between Captain America and Red Skull? What will be sacrificed along the way? Get ready for a huge plot twist, seat gripping action, and prepare to have your heart broken.


My Take on Captain America: The First Avenger

I could watch this movie over and over again. It is a great example of the underdog coming out on top. Steven is made fun of when he is tiny and asthmatic and he is made a joke when he is a giant chiseled masterpiece. Only after taking selfless and brave action does he get the respect and praise he has been searching for. It goes to show that actions speak louder than looks.

The movie as a whole had the perfect amount of action, comedy, and romantic interest.The ending was so heartbreakingly perfect that I could not dare to reveal it.


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