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Careers Related to Aspiring Dancers

Updated on September 18, 2016

Living in the world of dance is ephemeral and maintaining the career as a dancer is short-lived and elusive. On the other hand, many people work in this profession for their whole life. Here are some interesting career options that they choose after leaving their profession as a dancer:


1. Dance Teacher

Turning your career from a dancer to a dance teacher is a common choice of most of the people. Being a dance teacher, you have the chances to teach dance to various students at different places; at a studio, in public school across the world depending on your experience and qualification.
This career option will have you to remain active physically and share your knowledge with aspiring dancers. It will boost your dance career in the long run.

Prabhu Deva is an Indian actor as well as one of the best dancers and choreographers in the world.
Prabhu Deva is an Indian actor as well as one of the best dancers and choreographers in the world. | Source

2. Actor

There are plenty of dancers and choreographers who are widely known, today, for their superb acting skills that include Channing Tatum, Prabhu Deva, Hrithik Roshan, Briana Evigan, and many more. As an actor, you will have the chance to express different ideas and play various characters in film, theater and other performing arts media. An actor's job is to interpret the writer's script and inform the audience in an entertaining manner.

Michael Flatley is one of the highest paid choreographers.
Michael Flatley is one of the highest paid choreographers. | Source

3. Choreographer

Choreographers are born out of brilliant dancers. Working as a choreographer, you have the chance to open your own studio or you can also contact a theater groups who are looking your a person (choreographer) like you. There are also various entertainment companies across the world who demand for a choreographer for different musical play as well as for corporate and commercial jobs.


4. Art Director

Art Director is also a great and an interesting option for dancers. Working as an art director, you will get the chance to handle the visual style and images of newspapers, magazines, movies and television productions. You will be responsible for giving the overall design of a project and instructing other people on how to brilliant artwork and layouts.


5. Yoga or Pilates Instructor

With growing craze of becoming healthy and fit, there has been a significant rise in the demand of yoga and pilates instructors. Some people even hire personal instructor and ready to pay huge amount to them.
For a dancer, pursuing a career as yoga and pilates instructor is not at all a tough task. Your dance training will help you to effectively translate the kinesthetic knowledge into teaching the mind-body techniques to other people.

The late Michael Jackson is a renowned dancer and singer.
The late Michael Jackson is a renowned dancer and singer. | Source

6. Musicians and Singers

Those who not only work as dancers, but also work as musicians and singers have their own charm and glamour. Michael Jackson is one the biggest examples of this field. His songs and dance moves are still worldwide famous and he, himself, has become a great inspiration for many people. The job of musicians and singers is to play various instruments as well as sing in studio and for live audiences.


7. Dance Photographers and Videographers

While working as a dancer, you must have been photographed by various professionals and also captured in different videos. Well, it could prove to be a great career option for you as well. Working as a photographer or videographer, you will get the chance to use your imagination that will also give you an opportunity to predict excellent photo moments and video framing.

Ganesh Hegde is a choreographer and director
Ganesh Hegde is a choreographer and director | Source

8. Producers and Directors

Dancers also have a great career option in the field of direction. There are plenty of examples of dancers who turned out to be great film producers and directors. The work of producers and directors is to create motion pictures, live theater, television shows, commercials and various other performing arts productions. Their work also include the interpretation of writer's script to inform audience in an entertaining style.

A.R. Rahman is a worldwide famous music director.
A.R. Rahman is a worldwide famous music director. | Source

9. Music Director and Composers

Music Directors and Composers play very crucial role in giving the realistic feel to a song. Music directors are also known as lead orchestras and conductors. They offer guidance during recording sessions and performances. On the other hand, the work of composers include writing and arranging the original music in different genres of musical styles.


10. Dance Medicine Specialist

Getting injured during dance routines and performances is quite common. Because of these injuries, you must have experienced and gone through several physical therapies. If this field enthralls you, then there is a great option to build your career as a Dance Medicine Specialist. Your ability to relate with a dancer and their body is inimitable by doctors and other therapists which will give you an additional advantage in this field.

These are just few options out of many that you can take to extend your dancing career. At last, no matter what option you choose, always remember the great qualities that the dance has built in you, dedication, punctuality, creativity and self-awareness.


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